Redacted Tonight #325 – Wealth Redistribution Must Happen Now!

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  1. What is it that makes people think that using the system that was designed to do what it does can be made to do something different? And “redistribution”? Really? That is like slaves asking the master for more of the proceeds from “the Master’s” sales of the shit that the slaves made while not declaring their own freedom from being slaves! WTF!? Lee!! Get your shit together.

    NONE of the whining about the morality or the behavior of the elites will ever change the system they are using. Lock them all up take all that they ahve and redistribute it, and the system itself will produce an entire new crop of the very same thing. We do not need to use a unit based system of accounts. But if we do then we must structure the system such that it does not produce the kinds of effects that so many have documented for so long. What we are doing today is essentially the same structure as in the Roman Empire. One cannot legitimately whine about the morals of those within the system if the system itself is immoral.
    But what if the populace actually took back control?

    Therein is the illiteracy in economics today that people literally believe that the doing that must be done must wait for The Magical Unit Creator to first create the units that will record the work that must be done!

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