Redacted Tonight #163-Democratic Party is a Joke, Harvey was Predicted, Trump Hates Science

The dismissal of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit case solidifies what we already had a feeling was true: the Democratic party feels no obligation to the people it claims to represent. This is important because it doesn’t only apply to the 2016 election, but all elections going forward. If someone defrauds you and has 0 repercussions, there’s a 100% chance they’ll defraud you again. 

No matter who is president, we will always the normalization of endless war. There’s even a military “adventure” camp in Kentucky for tweens whose parents want them to have a taste of military life. Normalizing violence and militarism for kids in a country where 90% of our drone killings hit unintended targets and nearly 30k vets are homeless is shameful.

Politicians say we should let the ‘free market’ help victims of the hurricane (Obviously the Fed govt should only be spending money on wars and the subsidization of big banks and the oil industry), but it’s the private sector that enabled the destruction of Houston. When ProPublica did a reported on how the city is not prepared for hurricanes last year, it had no effect on public policy. Local officials even snubbed building regulations to pave over prairie land that would have soaked up large amounts of water. 

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