WEB EXCLUSIVE: Media Can’t Talk About Comedian Kicked Out Of WH Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. OK Lee,

    Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your thoughts on that.

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  2. Hey Paul, don’t have time for a long response but I did say she did a good job. She mocked the media as they deserved. Very similar to the critiques regularly leveled by shows like the Daily Show. But she can’t go at the heart of capitalism or the heart of the empire or the heart of our consumerist society. She did none of those things as far as I know. But I don’t really blame her. Who would expect that from a comedian at one of those events? I have not seen Jimmy Dore’s review, and I’m sure it’s great. But Jimmy and I are different people with sometimes different opinions even though I love the guy!

  3. Hey Lee,

    I appreciate you sending this out to us and the opportunity to comment here.

    I watched the video several times and I concur completely with the message regarding Randy Credico, Assange and the media. I think in the process though that you damn Michelle Wolf with faint praise (“she did a good job of critiquing our media to a certain degree, can’t go beyond a certain depth and be invited to one of those things “) and it is not clear why that has to be part of the message. Do you think she would have been invited if the organizers knew what she was going to say? I have to believe that they didn’t know because at one point she advised them they should have done their research on her before inviting her. But more to the point, specifically, what is the certain depth you reference that can’t be exceeded? That she did not address the Assange issue or the Credico incident? For the former, many points were left unaddressed (Yemen Palestine etc). Yet she indicted the media as a bunch of lying greedy frauds concerning Trump, basically as Jimmy Dore put it “outing them” speaking the truth right to their faces for everyone viewing to see and hear and she was funny doing it. For the latter, who knows what she knew about it at the time. So what depth would she need to go beyond in order to meet your expectations?

    In my opinion you didn’t need to critique her to add cogency to your argument. If anything doing so lessened it some because it introduces a questionable factor that didn’t have to be brought up.

    Here is Dore’s slant on her performance starting at the segment concerning Trump. A very interesting critique which maybe you have seen already:


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