Redacted #291 – Workers Strike Across The Nation!

12 responses to “Redacted #291 – Workers Strike Across The Nation!”

  1. Harry s Nydick says:

    The senate has already announced that the $3 trillion stimulus package is dead on arrival.

  2. Lee Camp says: Thanks!

  3. Lee Camp says:

    Thank you, Garrett!

  4. Lee Camp says:

    Everyone should read “A People’s History of The United States” By Howard Zinn.

  5. IT’S TIME ! WE NEED TO PULL this thing off. any web sites that will help or books would be very helpful . They need us out there to support them. no better time than NOW! and I think the progressive’s peoples, along with a whole other bunch of sitting on a fence I think this is the ONE!

  6. jeff grosse says:

    We need to pull together! enough is enough times up! This will be a major history lesson .We need to do this

  7. Garrett McConnell says:

    I tried to tweet this and… nope. You must be doing something right! Keep up the good fight Lee!

  8. Phocion Vouros says:

    Yes ‘Workers of the World Unite!’ but without a ‘Bolshevik’ principled political Party and with the ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariat’ in it’s program nothing will happen! Look the results up to now, the movements want to ‘houmanise’ capitalism! Smash it! Capitalism will turn in to fascism as soon as it will see danger. Thanks for your good work Lee, keep Fighting!

  9. John Maxwell says:

    A general strike would wake this country up. Way past time to put corporations on notice. There are more of us than there are of them, 1%.

  10. Fwendly says:

    You keep sending me a mail, i will watch.
    What is the best way to buy your book without sponsoring book stores?

  11. Nylene, Nevada says:

    Workers of the World Unite.
    General Strike!

    A movement of movements.
    It sounds like a song.

    Imagine all the workers-demanding a new world.

    Thanks Lee.
    I keep thinking, We could have had a Bernie.

  12. Vincenzo+L. says:

    Like Frankenstein said about his bride, “we belong dead.” Which pretty much describes the attitude of the elites toward the rest of us. Strikes will surely bring out that attitude bigtime.

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