Redacted Tonight #325 – How To End Homelessness NOW

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5 responses to “Redacted Tonight #325 – How To End Homelessness NOW”

  1. Lee Camp says:

    I agree – there is much more to it than a roof. I’ve covered many of those issues before.

  2. Kathy Jacobs says:

    I work in a homeless shelter for women in a small city in NY state. There is so much more that goes into housing an individual. Most of the women I work with need so much more than just a “roof over their heads”. There is the need for mental health care, employment services, and enrollment in health insurance programs. Our guests at our shelter often don’t have any form of identification, no social security cards, and no address to send them to. The costs of getting these items can be a burden for many homeless people. With the pandemic, these issues have become even more difficult to address.

  3. Lee Camp says:

    I’ve addressed this issue many times. We can’t cover everything at once. So no, we don’t make the mistake you’re talking about. And unfortunately you make the mistake of thinking wage slavery is the answer to every problem.

  4. Kim Nguyen says:

    This vid makes the same mistake most “generous and kind” people do by equating having a home (roof over head) fixes everything. Do you not notice that many who are homeless are also hungry? That plopping them in an abandoned house is no solution at all.
    It’s good to point out the abominable WASTE of resources in the US, but this is not a fix! Homes need electricity, water, sanitation, heat and cooling, basic furniture, access to transportation, etc. Now who pays for all that? If the homeless person or family have no resources, what they need is not just a house, but a hand up! Job, job training, social care (many times mental health care.)

  5. Bill Hern says:

    I have been homeless sleeping in a camper shell on a 1981 toyota pickup for over 15 years. now it need the somg brain that is vary hard to find . can someone set me up with 1 of these emtpy homes .

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