Proof Big Banks Knew 2008 Crisis Was Coming, War Is For Corporate Gains & More [REDACTED TONIGHT 119]

Lee Camp explores the crazy reality of endless war. The crazy reality that America is essentially driven by armed conflict. And these wars are not to defend ourselves or to spread democracy. They’re, instead, for resources and imperial power. Then Lee reveals the new-found explicit proof that the major bankers KNEW that the 2008 financial collapse was coming, even though they testified in front of Congress saying they had no idea. This damning evidence should be more than enough to throw these sociopaths in jail. But will it? Next, keeping with the big banks theme, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss the despicable behavior of Wells Fargo. They discuss if public outrage may finally be loud enough to force a bank CEO to step down and even be prosecuted. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report on the Coal Ash companies and how they’re indiscriminately dumping it all over and how the EPA isn’t doing their job to stop them. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

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  1. Lee Camp,
    I love everything about you. I am so glad I found you. What a smart, hilarious, handsome, newsman you are. Keep the true real progressives in line. There are some true posers out there full of hot air. They make me furious. No War! Love the Mother Earth! Water is Life! Hug One Another! WORLD PEACE!


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