Brand New 3rd Party Already A Catastrophe
  1. As a Libertarian, I do not support food stamps for all, but the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration state has to end. The military industrial complex is also out of control. The drug war has failed. Mass surveillance at the border to stop non-violent immigrants from entering the US because the US would not allow them to come to the USA legally is another oppressive authoritarian program that needs to end. The Libertarian party has stood strong on these principles and is the largest third party in the USA.

  2. Hello! I made it here but I still can’t find your most recent interview with Roy Varrato. I entered a search hours earlier while I was doing laundry and I got this no such .. found.. Right now it’s after 5 am I did EXACTLY the same thing and here I am as if I never had the problem in the first place. I already commented on this one. I would rather have Jimmy Dore third party, but I like his UBI idea, even if I don’t get UBI personally, because I like seeing the people around me being treated like human beings!!

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