Podcast #94- Occupy Wall Street RESURGENCE plus interview with comedian & activist Ted Alexandro!

  1. That’s so fucking cool. Thank you guys!! I’m thrilled that you’re playing my videos. Keep performing. And keep fighting. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. I hope we’ll get to work together in person one day!

  2. Well, it’s free so. Here are a couple of links of our work. Someone can tranlate it maybe.

    SpokenSong video in down town mexico city

    New and old radio live programs transmited on Ke-Huelga Radio 102.9 fm (kehuelga.org) Mexico city first pirate radio.
    New ones:
    Old ones:

    tell us what you think!
    lalengu [at] gmail.com

    Love from mexico!
    Keep fighting!
    We are everywere!

  3. Hi, Lee. We love your work. We are a music/poetry/comedy collective from mexico city. We have been working with the movement here mostly around the zapatistas and anti war movement (drug war, you know).
    Many time we put your podtast before playing. We copy your stuff (we tranlate it to mexiccan relity) many times. Hope that don’t bother you. No money involved so we wanted to give you a percentage of good vibes.
    We would like you and every body than see this to look at our site but now, see this video. In méxico we know what the 1% violence can really be. And non-violence can overcome. See the video.
    Global Love & fight!

  4. Hey, Youngblood. I really appreciated listening to your podcasts this afternoon. Thank you. I had a moment of Motherhood hearing you sound apologetic to us oldsters for not “getting it”,[ugh, hate that phrase].
    I have an issue with the myth that age=wisdom. That we oldsters are more aware of historical events as they’re unfolding. It’s bs. You are all so wise in the Occupy movement, and so young that it breaks my heart to offer up this future to you.
    But, then I remember. We had to do drills in school…diving under our desks,sticking our heads between our knees and getting ready to take an Atom Bomb for the Free World.
    So, there’s that.
    Sent you a stipend.

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