#123 – “The Anti-Occupy Law is signed by Obama and much more…

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  1. hey lee, I have over ten thousand hours of political covertism in my back pocket perhaps you should consult me, My dad was an old style banker, i was in nuclear rader when i was 19 in the army, and I understand investments, & I’m a composer & director that would blow away spellberg, if anything were ever hinest in this cuntry.

  2. If Ron Paul supporters were to get their wish and see Paul elected president, it would accomplish exactly what the elites want. They would elect hardliner Republicans & Democrats to give Paul all kinds of trouble, to make sure he would accomplished nothing meaningful. Now, if Paul were truly honest, he would announce a third party to support his radical agenda. That’s why they call Ron Paul the wild card, the joker in the deck of political wild cards. By the way Obama was the Democratic wild card joker in his deck too. He never announced a third party too, and this is what we are left with. So, he really wasn’t serious about the change jingo and he would rather just play the go along game and receive the revolving door super lotto when he leaves office. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book & voters always fall for it. So, voters either hypocritically know this & don’t want to rock the boat, as they say, or they have been on Mars for most of their lives & don’t know what the hell is going on. Ho-Ho-Ho.

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