Common Censored #38 – All The Great News From 2018 You Didn’t Hear!

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  1. 911 and the lack of conversation on the topic, not only from the corporate media, which is to be expected; but from progressive voices as well.

     It’s such an important event that has completely changed the world and is used to justify so many horrible decisions and policies since, but even the mention of any skepticism of the “official” narrative and you are labeled a conspiracy nut, unpatriotic or disrespectful. 

    People are quick to bring up the Iraq war and countless other lies, cover ups and conspiracies; but for some reason draw the line with 911. I mean just one look into wtc building 7 should be enough.

    Even with the recent 911 grand jury proceedings and Dark Overlord docs and still crickets. Talk about a “commonly censored” story.

  2. Here’s another story you might find interesting: Where did Russian organized crime get the money it laundered througho US real estate, thus saving Donald Turnip’s bankrupt ass, and quite a few others, as welll? Answer: USAID gave them 750 M dollars in credits to buy profitable state-owned enterprises when the US was directing the privatization of the Russian economy in the 90’s Seymour Hirsch (sp? wrote a great expose of this that was published in The Atlantic, called “The Wild East.” It’s easily searchable, but be sure and search for “The Wild East, Part two,” which is the part that gives the details about the USAID money (as wel as a nearly-successful attempt to buy a Russian nuclear warhead in E. Germany), but is, for some reason, not linked from part one of the story, last I checked.

    You can also find a link to the story I did on this on my Minds page, if you’re interested in a “Reader’s Digest” version of the Hersch article, and my brilliantly insightful commentary on it. 🙂 Look for the picture of the missile.

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