Podcast #242 – How to fix your job, how surgery can fix your future, how Walmart is eating itself and much more…

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1) Music by From Beyond

2) More on Walmart eating itself alive – CLICK HERE.

3) For more on lead paint trials – CLICK HERE.

4) For more on FixMyJob.com, go to www.FixMyJob.com

5) For more on Japanese hand surgery – CLICK HERE.

4) To check out the new Clarity Collective page, go here – www.Clarity-Collective.tumblr.com

  1. u go lee the voice of reason in the wilderness
    of utter absurdity. the Buddha of spoken thought for the masses (without the serenity) .

  2. Regarding ads on YouTube… As a bit of a leech here myself, I understand what your concern is.
    However in the same way that you’re delivering content, you’re providing service And you need some kind of remuneration to do that, YouTube is not a charity either and it takes money to pay for servers and bandwidth and storage and all that other crap that makes it possible for me to watch your videos. So I think, to be fair, either we start paying YouTube to carry your videos, or we watch the ads. Frankly what pisses me off is having to pay cable companies to watch the content that they’re delivering to me and I still get ads.

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