Audio Podcast #207 – I respond to the controversy over my last MOC rant as well as talk with NICK MARGERRISON

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  1. has a whole form devoted to the floride issue. It’s good to note that there are natural sources of flouride and manufactured sources of flouride…which is what is being put in our drinking (and bathing) water. The following is a short essay from DQ at curezone:

    “Because the mining/manufacturing industries – especially the aluminum and nuclear ones – need to dispose of all the toxic sodium fluoride they produce. What better way than to create the big lie that sodium fluoride is good for us and sell it at a 20,000 times markup?

    We drink part of the water, and flush much, much more of it down the shower/bath drain, kitchen sink and toilet, as well as water our yards, fill our pools and hot tubs, etc. Thus we dispose of their toxic fluoride for them, putting it into our bodies and back into the environment, and they make a tidy profit. What a solution, huh? Too bad for our health and the environment though – but since when did those industries ever care about such things? And government . . . well, anyone with open eyes can see that they serve monied interests ahead of the citizens time and again – whether they are duped or bought off or both.”

    Money is not the only motivation however. I have also read that Hitler was the first one to start puting flouride in the water supply…and I don’t think he had the kiddies teeth at heart when he did it. The chemical composition of flouride is very similary to prozac…so having it in the water supply is a good way to keep the public docile and compliant.

  2. Hey Lee, great Moment of Clarity. I agree with you %100. In a similar situation to the whole Fluoride thing, there has actually been a push from pharmaceutical companies and some quack scientists in the past few decades to put statins in our drinking water as well ( this article hilariously tries to cover both sides of the issue: the reasonable one, and the batshit crazy one, but pretends that they’re both reasonable. Modern journalism at its best).

    Not only have statins been shown to dramatically increase your risk for diabetes and even, in rare cases, cause degenerative muscle disorders, but scientists are currently unsure if the cholesterol they get rid of is even the cause of heart disease. If we put this stuff in our water, it would basically be a mass poisoning.

    If this is even a remote possibility, then I have no doubt in my mind that Fluoride can be potentially dangerous as well, and needs to be studied a lot more.

  3. Lee you should try to get Dr. Paul Connett Ph.D. in chemistry and author of “The Case Against Fluoride” on your show. Keep up the exposure of the mass medication and dose size control aspect of the issue. Fluoride also only works as a topical application ingestion has no effect on tooth decay. Sarcasm is the best way I have found to rebut people on this issue keep it up, I nearly pissed myself when you revealed the study showing adults were once children hahaha

  4. You should never explain satire…if people don’t know you by now then fuck ’em…

  5. science is supposed to welcome new evidence & change accordingly. fluoride was approved for water long before much of the research found extent of risk.

    also, infrequent topical treatment is much lower risk than all-pervasive daily lifelong ingestion.

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