Podcast #240 – EXCLUSIVE interview with the wife of Ibragim Todashev, who was killed by the FBI under bizarre circumstances

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  1. Yeah, it was being attacked. Suspiciously it happened immediately after I posted the interview with the widow of a man the FBI killed. Anyway, the malware warnings should be gone now. And there were never any viruses. Just warnings.

  2. is this page being censored? i keep getting a malware warning in the browser (firefox android on thu, today in chrome), but i proceed to the page anyway and no malware (even dug into the code etc). strange things are afoot

  3. Thank you for the interview, Lee. There is something else to mention, and that is that Ibragim’s house mate, Tatiana Gruzdeva was arrested for overstaying her visa on May 16, which was 6 days before the shooting. She was held in prison until her pending deportation, which was supposed to be on July 1. A Muslim legal group wanted to interview her as a potential witness, but she was made unavailable to them. They ended up extending her stay here, but I don’t know if they’ve allowed her to be interviewed by the lawyers.

  4. Hello, the podcast is not playing for me. I go to this page and it shows 0:00:00 as the time of the interview android.

    Would love to hear this interview, please fix. All other podcasts work fine too, just not this one.

  5. Wow. I don’t think they were justified in killing him at all. Look at the uproar over Trayvon Martin’s death, Ibragim was unarmed too! The mainstream media just swept this under the rug. I can’t believe not that many people are outraged about this! Where is the accountability for the FBI? I saw the pics of the crime scene, his blood was close to the door as of he was leaving when he was shot. If he wasn’t attacking them, why would they keep shooting him? I doubt he survived 7 shots including one to his head and then died at the doorway!

  6. Love your show Lee and I’m glad to see that you’ve interviewed Todashev’s wife. This case is so bizarre and something CLEARLY is going on, but it’s so hard to determine what! Great podcast,
    Definitely my favorite.
    To the widow: my love and support is with you. People haven’t forgotten.

  7. I know that it is official policy now for all police personnel to shoot to kill when they feel threatened. When she said they never made an attempt to shoot him anywhere else on the body in a so-called “self defense”, well officially they wouldn’t do that anymore. It is risky to the officers and frankly it’s cheaper to pay for the funeral and financial damages for killing a man than it is to pay hospital bills and financial damages for wounding and mentally scarring a man.

  8. Lee,

    Your show is awesome. You should totally have way more subscribers than you do. I often have multiple videos to catch up on. I’m not very good at youtube and am pretty new to watching videos on Youtube channels. Do you have MOC playlist or other way that makes it easy to watch all your videos in order?

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