Podcast #100 – GREG PALAST interview PLUS I award the “Fuck Yeah” award and the “Fuck Off” award

  1. Great interview. I have heard him go over some of this on other shows; but never to the extent that I would download his book. You two have gotten me to do that. Donation will be coming, so put down that can of catfood…

  2. Another great Moment Of Clarity and excellent interview. I’m a huge fan of Greg Palast and it was good to hear a conversation of that caliber. I second the idea that Lee Camp has an inside track on being the next Great Interviewer.
    ” Paging Bill Moyers, your apprentice has arrived.”
    I’m switching my status from random stipend to low paying monthly user because your bookkeeper probably needs a break. And a good foundation is the beginning.
    Thank you, Lee.

  3. Fantastic interview! Thank you so much for interviewing people who have something to say, and for having great things to say, yourself. Looking forward to picking up “Vulture’s Picnic”, and appreciated Palast’s little story about John Perkins. Your podcast has quickly become a weekly treat for me. Keep fighting the good fight, and stay belligerent!

  4. Greg Palast is great. I actually just bought Vultures’ Picnic. I think that you are, in addition to becoming the next great thinking comedian, going to be one of the next great interviewers!!

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