Podcast #344 – Greece burns, Cosby fesses up, and much more…

  1. Lee, you’re a very good host and your comments really give a unique perspective on a lot of wordly matters, sometimes you just point out things that are fairly well known to me but the context really takes it home for me usually.
    Just wanted to say I try to advertise your show on my twitter stream when I get around to it after I’ve watched a show.
    A lot of people still don’t get how the matters on your show affect their lives, in the past, present and perhaps most important in the future, some things just have to be dealt with in my opinion or they’ll never stop contaminating the enviroment.

  2. Great podcast! Inner dialogue is superb and we appreciate such openness. Besides Sen Warren, Sanders, and Rep Grayson, add Sen Sherrod Brown to your list. He’s my senator in Ohio and has stood strongly against TPP, opposing fast track and letting working people know it’s a bad deal.

    As for the DTE story and street lights, it may not be a bad thing after all. It depends on the area and so this may not be a good thing where it happened but it may surprise many to know there isn’t an established link between crime and lighting. Plus less light pollution to get in our star gazing selves. In fact, it would be an interesting case study to track crime in this area compared to before lights were cut…

  3. I look forward to solo podcasts here and there, takes me back to the Moment of Clarity days! It is always nice to hear the thought process, behind the genius. Keep up the awesome work Lee! 🙂

  4. Lee, I love you, but the podcast is so much more entertaining when you and the Devil are chatting rather than your opening ramble.

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