Podcast #101 – DENNIS TRAINOR JR. plus Vulture Funds plus Stories From The Front Lines of Occupy

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  1. So this isn’t a comment on this podcast in particular, but more of a general thank you for the work you do, as well as a thank you for the signed CD, which I got in the mail today. I look forward to listening. I don’t often donate money, mainly because I’m a broke student at the moment, but I think what you do is great, and $5 a month is manageable. In the future when I become moderately less poor, I’ll be glad to move up on the membership scale.


  2. The comment above is a bunch of bullshit.

    Jon Stewart’s brother having a job doesn’t implicate him, especially since he doesn’t pull his punches when criticizing either Wall Street or the government — on either side of the aisle. He consistently brings on historians and people like Matt Taibbi who break the academics down for the rest of us.

    Last but hardly least, Jon Stewart is the only progressive commentator who EVER brought firefighters on to speak for themselves, at a time when it was so desperately needed. The Zadroga bill would not have happened without Jon Stewart, period, click. Do you have any idea what that means in real life to real first responders? I would take a bullet for that fucker.

    Contrast that against progressive darlings like Cenk Uygur, who never misses an opportunity to curb stomp a first responder, even when they’ve done nothing wrong. As a bonus, he’s also an intense sexist. If you’re going to target progressives whose walk doesn’t match their talk, he’s a much better target IMHO.

    FF Xavier Onassis, EMT-P

  3. I think John Oliver is ten times the comic the Jon Steward is, because John Olivier seems to still has a good portion of his soul left intact. The fact that Jon S is bought and paid for is becoming more obvious with every passing Daily Show. Have you ever heard Jon mention his Older Brother Larry? Well I would recommend looking him up. I’d think Jon Steward could a least acknowledge his connection to Wall Street.
    I realize Oliver and Camp may feel the need to suck up to Steward, in hope of affording NYC rent prices, but I don’t. Jon is playing up the fake dichotomy, like a shill, when we have “a” single corporate-wing, with two flagship brands, that are only distinct in that they are marketed to different demographic/market shares, and Jon is trying to dupe us into playing this Three Card Monty”game”. Jon may have actually convinced himself of the lies, and done some impressive internal mental gymnastics, but he’s selling us a ‘bill of goods” none the less.
    I realize my statements seem like blasphemy, but we sometimes need iconoclasts, and Jon ain’t it, he’s more like a false profit, (if I may borrow the terms of the sunstroke myths.) Keep fighting. Lee.

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