Common Censored #28 – Massive Purge of Dissident Voices, A Fleeting Internet, March on Pentagon, Union Wins

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  1. Check out OpEd for progressive news and opinion. Also targeted by PropOrNot as under Russian influence. You really can’t make this shit up. There is a range of views, some of which could be considered Blue Wave kind of stuff, but there is also hard hitting reporting and opinion as well. What makes it unusual is any registered member can submit articles for publication. The comment section is as good sometimes as the articles. Or better!

    Also if you haven’t already, check out Deb Della Piana on You Tube. She has a channel called Shut the Fuck Up. She will be at the WMOP.

    See you at the Women’s March on the Pentagon!

  2. Oh ya and fuck their rules. The rules are the problem. They shouldn’t be able to make them. If it was a phone or a newspaper they can’t say what we can talk about. In fact our laws say we MUST be able to.

  3. That’s what I have been saying. There is time and effort spent that can be calculated for repairations. And the coordinations and loss of clientele can also be quantified. That’s asside from the free speech and press issues. Also the none of their fucking business what we fucking talk about, and fuck them aspect. I have complete contempt for all of them.

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