New Moment of Clarity – How Our Competitive Lifestyle Could Be The Death Of Us

The US is based on competition. We talk about it like it’s the only way to be. However, could our competitive lifestyle ultimately cause our downfall?

  1. It’s even worse than this. A girl came up with a way to use a capacitor rather than a battery for cell phones so they could charge in minutes rather than hours. Then some a-hole came out and said if she ever tried to take her invention to market (yeah, she really made the thing) that he would sue her because he had a patent for the idea (he never even got it to work, it was just an idea). So when you’re bitching about how you have to take you phone and it’s only half charged because you don’t have time to wait. Think of the a-hole who wants to get rich because he didn’t do anything but right down an idea and got some legal thing to get him rich and will prevent it going to market unless he get a cut of that loot. Thanks a-hole!

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