MOC #294 – The SECRET Reason Sustainable Living Is Now Illegal

  1. Awesome dude..

    i am going send you money and promote your stuff, we have servers you can stick your clips case you loose YouTube.. comedy is a great way to break into the mind set of the drones.. ­čÖé

  2. Lee Camp, you are great man! I have this thought all the time ! (not the first thought, the second one (the first one as well))

  3. Don’t forget, in some states it is illegal to collect rain water for your garden since the state has sold the rights to the water to private entities.

  4. mmm I doubt that Lee or any one who likes Lee would/should promote a block busting pile of turd on his website..really?.. Who Cares what some over paid wanker in a poorly written film looks like?.. read a book man,, read

    on a more posative note…

    We Loved this MOC Mr. Lee Camp, and we sent you an e-mail from Canada, thanks again.

  5. Come on Lee, u and the likes of Joe Rogan, Russel Brand etc… need to get together and lead this revolution and stop waiting for the masses to wake up and lead themselves. By then it maybe too late. Let’s face it conditions will have to be far worse before the average person stands up for change. We are all distracted by the privilege u refer to. Life in the so called 1st world is just comfortable enough for most to keep grinding on in quiet struggle.
    Like we are paid JUST enough so we don’t quit that office job; we’re also given just enough distractions in our daily lives to avoid a revolt.
    There’s a gap in the market right now for the person(s) that can bring change.
    I think if you work together with all of the like minded teachers and bring yor followers with u in whatever form, then there is your movement; there is your change.
    Good luck, you are a hero of this time.

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