MOC Podcast #84 – A Big Victory for Occupy Wall Street & more

  1. HAHA, no wounds opened. I know it was just a joke. I was also joking… but telling the truth.

    Also, no offense intended to those of you that had street-walking mothers. I know that my mom wasn’t a “REAL” whore… but, c’mon, not all of us can be so lucky.

    She was also a kleptomaniac… but, unfortunately, you didn’t make any thievery jokes.

    PS, I agree that you should hook up with TYT. Talk to Jamie Kilstein… he’s in with them.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. It was just a joke. I wasn’t trying to open any wounds. And I’m glad your mother is doing better now.

  3. Hey Lee, if your upcoming University shows get taped you may want to consider sending a copy of the performance into TYT (The Young Turks) University channel I think Ana and the gang over there may give you proper’s.

  4. Hi, again, Lee! I want you to know, my mother was a whore. She would live with any man that paid the bills. That’s because she was mentally and physically disabled… but… she didn’t ever believe she was REALLY sick enough to be considered disabled (which, ironically, was part of her illness). That’s partially because she never had proper medical care.

    So, yeah. She’s a whore. You’re right. And, that’s partially because of a lack of feminism when she was born (1943)… partially because of improper medical attention… and partially because of the crippling poverty that we lived in my whole life.

    If it weren’t for food stamps, I wouldn’t have eaten as a kid. If it weren’t for public schools and libraries, I would have not gotten an education (even though I have issues with public schools, it has nothing to do with some libertarian slant of banning them).

    If social security didn’t exist, she now wouldn’t be able to support herself. She DID pay into the system, and now she’s cashed out, and now she’s a lot better. No men in her life, so, she’s no longer a whore. She’s retired.

    Thought you’d like to know. =)

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