MOC #93 – TYT Loses It
  1. Hey Lee!
    I love Jimmy and Stef!!!
    Cenk is a clown.
    Whatcha doing for your birthday this year?😊🌃🍻

  2. The Young Turks lost it for me back in 2016, when Cenk recommended that everyone should give up on alternatives and switch their allegiance and vote to Hillary Clinton – like that would have made any difference. As bad as trump was, she would have been just as bad, becasue they are cut from the same cloth.

  3. Nino has correct view. For example, DN is good on many fronts, and bad on a few. Have to be able to critically analyze what you view. A sound politics helps one do this.

  4. Hey, Lee!
    I watch TYT and also you and I like Erin’s reporting. I don’t have to agree with everything you or they say to appreciate the integrity and passion.
    I’ll continue watching you and those whom I believe are doing a great job as journalists. Power to the people, Baby!

  5. TYT lost it long ago. Corrupted by DNC/CIA cabal – both Cenk and Ana are multimillionaires now — for badmouthing publisher of the century and leading freedom of speech advocate, Assange, and for blatantly trying to hide the crime of the century – CIA in full alliance with Al Qaeda fighting against Syria, including the murderous “White Helmet” hoax and suppressing the fact that ALL chemical attacks in Syria were CIA + Al Qaeda staged (see OPCW top experts / whistleblower testimony)

  6. Hey Lee,

    Yes, TYT has sold out in many ways, I agree. To be fair though they are loudly on the right side of the Israeli / Palestine disaster so… One thing I have learned from my 60+ years is never have one source for news and information.

    Is RT biased toward Russia? Well, sure. But they’re on the right side (IMO) in many many other topics. The same holds true for Democracy Now. I can can usually smell the bovine excrement when it appears. I’ve just come to expect this from most all sources at some time on some topics. Even you guys (although not as much).

    Understanding the world around us is important. Learning how to the bovine excrement meeter even more so.

    BTW, “Common Censored #158” isn’t downloading for me… Not sure. Other podcasts are.

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