MOC #275 – I Found A Way To Use Dark Money’s Own Tricks Against It

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  1. You are truly onto something here Lee, don’t you dare F**kin stop. Talk about the ball rolling and giving it an extra push.
    Wether it’s RT talking about unplug MSN and the march against mainstream media( gotta love Putin for something I guess) or topinfopost, disinfo, etc etc.

    Was thinking… We need “Ourtube” or “Ourmail” or “Ournews” maybe brazil would be happy to provide the servers considering how pissed off they are at tho mo… Make some calls Lee:)

    Anyhoots… Keep it up Mr Camp and when I’ve got something left from my paycheck, I’m supporting your cause!!!!!

    Power to the people. (99%) not you 1% mother F***ers.

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