“How Much Privacy Should We Give Away In The Name Of Safety?” – MOC #53

  1. What Carol says is true, 9-11 was about damping down the recalcitrant Taliban so the Centgas Pipeline, now TAPI pipeline, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India oil and gas pipelines could be built. Go to History Commons and find Pipeline Politics, nothing is easier to follow and all sourced from media, just not ours. Afghanistan was about the pipelines and reconstituting the opium industry where the proceeds are laundered through Wall St. America is more corrupt than even cynics know.

    So many actually believe the propoganda that are military is over there fighting for our freedoms. They are fighting for the profits of the oil tycoons, and the military industrial complex. Presidents are front men of the corporate raiders, the two party system is there to fool people into thinking that there really two parties. Nope, one corporate fascist party with two faces, good cop, bad cop.

  2. Hey Lee you should know that 911 had nothing to do with Arabs, but the ppl are stupid enough to believe the hype, while Silverstien laughs and buys another bank.

  3. Keep ’em coming Lee. I like your viewpoint and your style, sort of a simmering, cynical rage against insanity. I’d suggest you think about America’s real No. 1 religion/cult: money worship and careerism. People in power who are supposed to give us the truth and strive for justice in the media and congress are more worried abou their own personal fortunes, status and stroking their own egos than on undestanding the things we all have in common. This is a money religion. It’s as if they are arranging their plushest of chairs on the Titanic and being content to know they have the best seats in the house, even the best views of the icebergs.

    I look forward to each and every “Moment of Clarity”

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