MOC #244 – Facts About The Free Market That Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. As usual you are spot on sir! And your latest CD is so damn funny I can no longer drink liquids while hearing your material. Either that or buy a new laptop every time. And pants. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I love your show man. I noticed there’s this reoccurring theme on everything that is troubling our world and its corporations and the corruption they bring to our government. I know that I’ve mentioned it to you in private messages before but dammit is the most important thing in this world toward getting the money out of our politics. I feel if for more Celebrities like yourself made a big push for amending our Constitution to get the corruption out it might just happen. Just this month they discovered a new strategy they have the legal right if a large enough amount of our states ask for it we can amend the constitution without Congress. Corporations are not people and money is not a substitute for free speech of the citizens!
    Please Please do a show about this. If you do I will start pledging money to your show regularly!

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