Jon Stewart Resigned, Larry Wilmore Was Canceled, Colbert Ditched The Politics: Understanding The Power Of Satire This Election

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-23-05-amOkay, every once in awhile I get to brag. Today there’s an article from about satire and its impact on this election. Only two paragraphs are about my show “Redacted Tonight,” but those two paragraphs certainly make me proud of what we’ve achieved. Here they are –

“That’s why the real political power of satire today is aimed less at specific candidates and more at the system that lets that candidate rise.

It would be hard to find a more politically passionate satirist than Lee Camp, whose “Redacted Tonight” on RT America continues to build a growing audience. Camp is an excellent example of an activist comedian and he’s been referred to as “Jon Stewart with teeth.” His shows are as much about exposing news and information that’s been “redacted” from public discourse as they are about being funny.

But the key is that Camp has focused his satire during this election on the rigged system and the corporatocracy.  That has meant that he has gone after Trump and Hillary Clinton in equal measure, reserving some of his most vicious attacks for the corruption in the Democratic National Committee. Camp’s comedy has proved that some of the most interesting satire of this election cycle has focused less on the personalities and more on the system that produced two of the least liked candidates in our nation’s history.” 

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  1. Ever since Occupy you have been callin’ it like I see it…. —NO one else is doing this?! Without the truth , we have nothing. Thank you for making the truth of the real experience people live, public. MOST msm/TV seems to tell us that our experience is not relevant or we are crazy for caring about it…… they can inundate us with drivel, but they cannot make us watch it… Thank goodness for “redacted tonight”.

  2. Thank you Lee, you are an oasis in a sea of bullshit. I am glad I found your show after TYT started toeing the party line.

  3. Lee I am so glad to see this write up! You are a hidden treasure in a field of milk toast (I think i got that phrase from you) media and comedians that barely scratch the surface of the political topics out there. Your shows are amazingly brilliant and the time you and your staff put in clearly shows. I love every minute of your shows and look forward to the next. So flipping hilarious! I try to share them so others can discover Redacted Tonight, a show that should be on prime time!

  4. Congrats Mr. Camp on your show. I watch it and record it and I think you are the next generation Jon Stewart, because we have passed the point of believing the corporate media and are “Angry as Hell and not going to take it anymore!” I saw first hand how election fraud is alive and well (I was working in the primaries as a Provisional Voting Person) and was able to help expel a Chief Judge that commited blatent fraud (giving people ballots with other peoples names on it), near, “the belly of the beast” in College Park, MD. Your show inspires us to, “Keep Fighting!” THANK YOU! #BernieorJil

  5. Lee. I saw you live in Chicago. In addition to the above comments from Salon – You alone have been a consistent voice that has persevered through the story and lack of reporting around election fraud. Had it not been for your reporting, I would have felt like I was living in an alternate universe by not hearing anything about the election fraud that led to the demise of Bernie Sanders as the right full nominee of the primary. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you.

  6. I am a Canadian watching this joke of an election from north of the border; thanks to you, Lee, and your show, we have some idea of what is really happening….all while being entertained!

    Well done, ……….and keep fighting!

  7. Good to be recognized in this article. But more importantly, you have been a refuge for us during a challenging election with your humor and “calling it like it is.” Love you, Lee Camp.
    Ava Kennedy, former Bernie delegate from California

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