BREAKING: Trump Signs Executive Orders To Allow Dakota Access & Keystone Pipelines, Official Response From Standing Rock Camp

Jan. 24, 2017

President Trump just signed executive orders allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline is tearing through the sacred land of the Standing Rock Sioux. We’ve covered that extensively on my show, Redacted Tonight. The water protectors there have been attacked with dogs, pepper spray, water canons, chemicals, rubber bullets, and concussion grenades. I obtained an official response the Oceti Sakowin Camp Leadership –

“We are putting a call out immediately for allies and people to stand up where they are, mass civil disobedience as a showing of solidarity for Standing Rock. The fire exists within them and now is the time to let them reignite. The heart of Standing Rock beats everywhere. The fire has been taken by 10,000 potential organizers nationwide, and we need you to hit the ground immediately. Demand people divest from big banks, and help us Defund DAPL! We are the revolution and the resistance continues!” 

Not only will these pipelines impact the lives of millions who get their water from the rivers effected, but climate scientists say that we must keep 80% of known fossil fuels in the ground in order to survive as a species. So Standing Rock is not just about Native Americans. And it’s not just about others who have had their land stolen out from under them for the benefit of big oil, such as Cyndy Coppola in Iowa. It’s about the survival of all of us. It’s about the future of our planet.

To learn more about the Washington DC protest tonight, GO HERE. There are also protests in many other cities.

Keep Fighting,


  1. Hey, thanks for posting. I had not seen the response from the leadership there yet.
    Do you think we have a chance of making it to the end of the century?
    See you in Austin.

  2. Civil disobedience and protesting aren’t going to help…they will only get many people arrested and/or hurt and won’t accomplish anything on their own basis within the time needed to affect a change. They are going to do what they are going to do. The only way to stop it is to totally change your system of government and most of your politicians. Ain’t gonna happen. For those of you who still have hope in a happy, positive future, good luck. I am not a pessimist…I am a realist and it has been leading up to this point for many, many years. The only way to fight an oligarchy is to overthrow it and many people in the US have no wish to do that; they think/hope that things are going to get better now. Their blinders have made them hate anyone who is a liberal and all liberals stand for, and people are getting more divided every day. Divide and conquer. Not another platitude but words by a whole historic lineage of leaders who have destroyed civilizations. I firmly believe we will now see at least one more fall. People just will never change or listen OR learn. Oh well.

  3. Lee, I’m afraid nothing short of a nationwide strike will stop these buffoons from picking away at our safety nets. Shutting down all commerce usually gets some attention.

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