Democrats Or Third Parties?

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  1. I do not know. Seems the Dems will never welcome progressives. Dems are picking up left leaning repubs by the basketful. I fear the establishment dominance. And, i will stay out here on the progressive edge!

  2. No, no, no. Working within Dem Party is a complete waste of important resources until and unless there’s a non-corporate 3rd Party (because it will break the political monoculture AND will lead rapidly to the death of the Electoral College.)

  3. In Illinois, where I grew up and still live, we have something that’s been called the “Combine”. It describes the team of legislators from both parties that work together for their own benefit and self interests, while pretending to represent Republican or Democratic voters who elected them. Seems to me we have a national combine. Good cop bad cop; they win we lose. High voter turn out and citizen pressure CAN FIX THIS! As Lee says – Keep Fighting!!!

  4. As Harry Belafonte said; the party needs to turned inside out. I say destroy it and replace it. Beware though of any and all political “isms” that become absolute as they will neccesarily become “absolutely corrupt. Anarcho-Syndacalism!!! Screw the abusive state

  5. Well, we’ve been trying to get rid of the Two Party system for a very long time. We should demand the Democratic Party step down regarding all of their rigging antics over the last year and Clinton’s Foundation being involved in handling the Primaries. There’s a lot of reasons the Democratic party is dying. We need to let it die.

    Once the Democratic party can’t be involved in Politics anymore the Republicans will be forced to with all the other parties, so the Primaries will have to be open and added to the Presidential debates. Because we can’t just have the Republican party as the “sole” party…a “One Party System”. They have to make it look like a democracy…or it isn’t a democracy anymore.

  6. We need 3 or 4 parties BESIDES the rethuglicans and dummycraps!
    JC, Italy has something like 17 parties! That may be a bit much, but i can surely say that the US NEEDS a multi party system like the fucking rest of the world!

  7. Myself and many of my fellow Greens are definitely out there trying to be as involved as we can. We’re involved in all sorts of activist and other civic organizations, we sometimes host civic events ourselves, and yes, we do run candidates at the local and state level (I’m one of them). We have a very active local Green Party here in the Carbondale, IL area, for instance, where we do all of the above.

    On a different note, I wish you would come to Carbondale! I need to figure out ways to get more people to vote for Carbondale, IL on your show tour page…

  8. What is certain is that the major parties are a cancerous growth on the nation, and we must get rid of them. In order to do so, a third party may serve as a useful wedge, such as the Green party, whose purposes are seemingly good ones. But all political activity ought to be grassroots, and all citizens ought to be actively involved everywhere. Ideally, there would be no need for any political parties, as such.

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