“Is Occupy Wall Street Having An Effect” – M.O.C. #97

  1. Thanks man. I figure there are people reaching far more people than me – like Peter Joseph and Michael Moore and others. So as long as they’re okay, I figure I’ll be okay. Ha.

  2. It’s a wonder to me that a man that thinks as clearly as yourself has the ability to reach many, and does so with regularity – hasn’t been erased ?! I mean the “theys” that we are describing are really listening and I doubt they like what they hear and see!! The resources of this world do not belong to the corporations or our governments – it ( the world ) belongs to it’s inhabitants and we all should be a part of the prosperity “they” are not sharing. What ever comes from the ‘Occupy’ movement is a step in the right direction – God bless, be safe, watch your back and you can count on me for doing that, Thanks, Steve.

  3. Fuck yea Lee:
    I am in a wheelchair but ready to lead the charge on these fucking Bastards as long as I know someone will climb over my dead body to hang every bastard traitor from the 9-11 False Flag, first and foremost. Then work your way to every Senator who voted to kill Americans and hold people with unlimited detention, down to every Bank CEO the CFR, Bilderbirger, the whole gang of Satanic Pedophiles.
    It is time for real Justice, at every level, and without favoritism or Graft!
    Every good man must choose his or her side, Darkness or the Light. I say here and now before God and man I choose the Light, without resevation.
    God Bless Truth, Justice, and the most beautiful planet in our solar system, Earth!

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