MOC #49 – What Went Wrong In Texas?!

3 responses to “MOC #49 – What Went Wrong In Texas?!”

  1. Anton says:

    The government of Texas is ran by puppet masters and the politicians are the puppets. The puppets masters should be brought to there knees and then see a psychiatrist for there greed. Ted Cruz is one of the main puppets that loves to kiss ass.

  2. Iris says:

    A Stunning Example of Republican Malfeasance and Incompetence:
    Texas ERCOT Power Authority Wanted Deregulation and Austerity, so They Failed to Weatherize and Winterize Energy Production; When a System Using Equipment Designed for Temperate Climate Had to Contend with Extreme Cold, Many Components Failed; ERCOT also Reflects
    Desire of Greedy Financial Interests to Avoid Federal Regulation; But an Isolated Grid Has Problems Bringing in Electricity from Neighboring States.

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