Huge Bailout: Socialism To Save Capitalism? (Web Exclusive)

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  1. What people are afraid of is repressive totalist dictatorship, and the nazis call it socialism to equate dictatorship with socialism when the actual dictatorial threat comes from above and always has. Mass murdering totalist fascism is the actual threat we fear and with good reason. Remember Joe Biden the drug warrior? Uh-huh. Plan Colombia and Plan Mexico-dead people everywhere.

  2. Socialism Socialism, Socialism, Socialism; It ain’t about what you think you are, it’s about what they conjure up and hurl at you in order to bring you under the boot heel again!! So you can choose the gutless “humanitarian” path. they will say your policies constitute socialism. That’s why Bernie knew right from the start to just say it, get it over with, and get with saving the country and more importantly, to come through for the people that depend on it coming through for them in order for them to continue to survive. REALLY!!

  3. You know what wimpy dems?It isn’t about giving the trolls new lingo or even GD lingo at all. It’s about how the moneyed interests choose to demonize you (not us because you and yours have yet to transcend subconscious hierarchical programming. And now try this one; book The Invasion of Compulsory Sex Morality by Wilhelm Reich on another very foundational form of cultural repression ubiquitous to the US drag; you should see Ms Bozzio perform US Drag live in hollyweird-it was just as beautiful as watching Tulsi Gabbard telling off those flunkies at the View ( rmmbr when Whoopi Goldberg did Homer and Eddie?I hope she still does. . . !!). LOL Lyle

  4. Reading some of the replies, I am disheartened by the twisted logic and hate filled sentiments.

  5. ABSOLUTELY Correct. Thank you.
    Great suggestion= Humanitarian Democrat, instead of Socialism.
    Also correct description= Regressive fearmongering Republicans.
    Or, Reactionary Re-Pugs.

    Webster Griffin Tarpley PHD, has been
    Recommending Bernie STOP using the word Socialism many months now.

  6. Trump will steal what he can from that 2 trillion dollars and he wants his enemies dead. Hey, a virus would work… and in New York especially….

  7. Dear Lee,

    To help the Regressive fearmongering Republicans I HIGHLY recommend that the fact mongering Democratic Party and people STOP using the word Socialism. I am now using the word Humanitarian. I think the Republicans cannot argue with that word. It is time to lower the lingo to a word they can not argue with. What do you think? I am now a Humanitarian Democrat!!!! BErnie Sanders should start using the word Humanitarian instead of Socialism!!! I would like the Regressive Republicans to argue with that.

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