Huffington Post Reviews My New Album

Man, this review has humbled me. …Wait, people always use that word wrong. This review has not humbled me. It has ego-tized me. Basically I now think I’m a god. …Starting …to feel …like I have … TIGER’S BLOOD. …Oh dear god, I’ve come down with Sheenism. Anyway, read the excerpts of the review of my album below or read the entire review by Dylan Brody here:

” In an age of fifteen-minute celebrities and empty entertainments, Lee Camp brings art back to the stand-up stage. His full length CD, Chaos for the Weary, rife with startling juxtapositions and keen cultural insight shines a light on social injustice, economic disparity and rampant consumerism, as Camp keeps the laughs coming with machine gun delivery and sports-tuned timing.”

“This is stand up the way I loved it when I was a kid. This is the art form that gave us Lenny Bruce and George Carlin (whose daughter Kelly introduces Camp on the CD), Lord Buckley and Bill Hicks. Only Camp is the new generation, building on what came before and filtering it through the hyperactive mind of a child of the MTV generation. Each new thought leads him to an attention-deficient verbal montage of images and ideas that would seem to be pure stream-of-consciousness were it not so elegantly constructed.”

“In his exploration of American history and the way it is taught, Camp talks about how the truth is more interesting than fabrication and he proves it on this CD. It’s not just more interesting. It is, as Ms. Carlin says in his introduction, really fucking funny.”

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