Acclaimed author and blogger David Swanson writes Glowing Review of my book

“Imagine Jon Stewart if he gave a damn.”

I’m totally thrilled to announce a glowing review of my book by brilliant activist/ author David Swanson. To read the whole review CLICK HERE.  (To order the book, GO HERE or find it on other online book sellers.)

Here’s a quote from the review:

Imagine Jon Stewart if he gave a damn.  Instead of glorifying inaction, Camp actually points his readers toward actions they should take.  Imagine Jon Stewart without the partisan slant.  Rather than noting the RNC’s cheers for immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, Stewart gives Obama a pass to keep that war going forever because Bush started it.   …In Camp’s best rants he takes original insights and combines them with fog facts or shadow stories (indisputably documented things we all know, except that “we” is only 2 percent of the country; such as the Kill List that made the front of the New York Times but which nobody attending an Obama rally has ever heard of) and he carries his outrage and the unknown causes of his outrage to a new audience.  

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