Four Star Review of My Edinburgh Fringe Fest Show

Posted by Bernard O’Leary, The Skinny, Sun 07 Aug 2011

He’s American, he’s political, he’s inevitably going to be compared to Bill Hicks. Actually, Lee Camp is more like Richard Herring with a dash of Jon Stewart, relying on fast-paced, tightly-written invective to ram his point into the audience’s skulls.

Camp is an excellent writer and few shows this Fringe are as word-perfect in their construction as Yet Another American Mistake. He has a great technique that doesn’t make it feel too scripted and his vengeful hatred of the American Right seems to tumble out of his head in an unbroken stream.

The topics are familiar – Sarah Palin, right-to-lifers, Iraq – but Camp attacks them with unique conviction and intelligence. Similar to Mark Thomas, his comedy has spilled over into activism and there are some amazing videos of his comic protests against sweatshop labour and the death penalty.

It’s a ferocious, clever, articulate and funny show from a young comedian with a big future. Bill who?

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