How To End Policing w/ Alex Vitale [VIDEO]

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  1. US cops dont do real police work. Real police work is non violent. It doesn’t require lethal force. Police work is not about defending the police from the people…even people of color. Cops have plenty of protective equipment and can be trained to do their job safely without hurting anyone.
    All cops should be disarmed. The abuse we have witnessed over the years should forfeit their right to carry deadly weapons or use lethal force. That is for the safety of everyone. Cops are dangerous. We should be worried, and many of us are, about irresponsible cops using weapons unsafely, including motor vehicles. There is never ever ever a reason for a high speed police chase. The perp is never going to get away. Police have helicopters and other methods to find and arrest perpetrators. Putting the public in danger is not acceptable no matter what crime the cops think might have been committed….and it is usually auto theft. I dont want be killed on the highway, or lose those I love because some cops got their adrenalin rush chasing cars.
    Law enforcement does not do police work. It is a heavily armed, paramilitary mercenary occupying force on the the streets of our towns and cities, who are above the law and barely answerable to anyone.
    We have a police state now, and it is getting worse.

  2. Wonderful comments as usual Lee!! Thank you for being so ‘common sense’. Thank you for speaking for peace as opposed to aggression and wars! Thank you! I have faith in you young folks. I’m an old lady, on her way out, but it would sure be nice to see some sanity in this world before I go!!

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