Delete Google Chrome Now!

  1. We are going to miss you… Always learned something and had a laugh too!!

  2. Thanks Lee! I just now switched to DuckduckGo!. Maybe now, I won’t get creepy ads popping up on my cell phone after phone conversations. Literally, I get sent ads that seem to be triggered by me saying things in phone conversations. Example: dementia ads after chatting with an acquaintance about their relative who now has dementia. I was having to unplug my wifi box during phone chats just to avoid creepy electronic spying behaviors! 😜

  3. I’ve never kown your commentary to be anything but based (and funny). My sincere wishes that you land in a good place free of the baggage that came with being on the RT network. Though it doubtless meant a steady paycheck, your reputation will surely be better served elsewhere.

  4. Every document you store on Google Docs/Google Drive will be scanned by numerous algorithms. In general, it’s easier to join the rest of the world’s population that considers the convenience is probably worth the invation of privacy. Don’t know know if you’ve ever used Wallet, but my plane tickets showed up there shortly after a confirmation email from BA.
    As long as you don’t use trigger words in your documents, I think we have all accepted that none of our cloud-based info is private.
    Browsers and social media sites are a dfferent matter. The idea of targeted ads etc implies an ongoing collection and tracking of information and online activity. You should use every available method to avoid this. However, that requres some research and effort, as most sites claiming that they don’t track or log your data are lying to you.
    The internet is a fun place isn’t it!

  5. So…probably stupid question…but here goes…
    I use DuckDuckGo as my browser. BUT I write documents on Google Docs. Are Google Docs related to Google Chrome and if so, then I’d be needing to find an alternative…or just return to writing documents only on my computer hard drive. If you have more about this…I, at least, would appreciate it. Thanks for your show – AND for Rad Indi Media – which is now my first stop for all news! Sora

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