Common Censored #5 – Are Humans a Virus, Suing For Our Future & More [PODCAST]

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  1. if you study the ancient people’s, like the celts -the ancients called Ireland the Island of scholars and saints (check out the brehon laws)or native americans (6 nations of the Iriquois confederacy-try reading THEIR constitution!)- humans BELONG on this world, it is the system of organization that is incorrect for US. It has been done FAR better, and you have to ask WHY you have never hears of these things? They will not put this on any school curricula. I suspect that war has a secondary purpose to keep people moving around and to destroy history so we cannot remember who we really are, which we WOULD DO, if we were reunited with the soil, the plants and the earth.

  2. Rich (psychopaths) people, like bill gates are a parasite… other humans serve a purpose of this world…..we grow and spread plants (the grandparents according to native myths) and keep the soil healthy. This is why Indigenous peoples are such a threat to the powers, because they remember their place.

  3. Thanks for the weekly insight, Lee and Eleanor. Act Out just got another monthly supporter.

    Along with defending the J20 Resistance, please, everyone, call and write Congress TODAY to support Title Two in support of net neutrality, as the Senate vote is happening soon: or 858-264-0403

    Protests in support of net neutrality are happening around the country on May 14th. This site lists locations and times:

    On a side note, I find it interesting that my yahoo account keeps marking my emails from and as spam no matter how many times I unmark them as spam. I now have to do a daily sweep of my spam folder to retrieve any emails from these sources.

  4. Parasitic has always been my favorite description of human behavior in its ego driven mode relying on, but not giving true recognition to Mother Earth. Parasites consume and destroy at will and eventually consume enough of their host that they either self-destruct or find a new host, hmm, maybe via dreams of travel, to Mars perhaps? Oh oh, wake up! It was only a dream! At some point will the time to live the nightmare of cannabilism arrive? Or will the believers, the knowers we are spiritual beings temporarily housed in human bodies as we go through (and hopefully learn) lessons on how to be actual stewards, caretakers of the Earth, each other, and ourselves with gratitude in hand, prevail? I like and find the most comfort with this last one. To each his own but I’ll take mine over a parasitic human’s view any hour of any day. I just wish this weird sensation of something eating at me would stop. Lol #walksoftlyonthisearth

  5. We can ALL have a greater impact than we realize. Let Conscience – not intellect – be your guide.

    True … you may fall short of your demands and expectations – but positive movement begins with a thoughtful step.

    The FEAR and APATHY that paralyzes positive movement – is the Goal of the Hegemons. Look to the examples of Rev. Pinkney, S. Brian Wilson, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Joe Hill.


  6. Thank you for including my comment in your show today. You gave me several things to think about, as you usually do. Great show today and now I have a reason to look forward to Mondays!

    Keep Fighting, and Act Out!

  7. Objectively, as Eleanor said, there is no meaning, there is no purpose. However, the primal and elemental concept you guys struggled to find is “suffering.” It is the basis for every kind of human meaning or morality we create. While I know his politics probably bother you, Sam Harris uses a very useful premise he puts forward when discussing most of his philosophy which is “the well being of conscious creatures”…which I have modified to “the well being of creatures capable of suffering.” If you grant that basic goal of mankind, then you can begin to analyze moral implications of human activities.

  8. Your audio format of intellectual discussion unencumbered by video distraction works very well, with relaxing contemplation of topics that are not allowed on MSM. Perfect for listening while building stuff (using eyes for other stuff-we are all busy) at home…..

    Lee, what makes this format very valuable and unusual is the detailed news followup you provide on topics introduced previously (such as individuals previously interviewed). That extended reporting creates a community of followers like no other. Such was a successful formula for old time radio (continuity of news or story about key (often fictional) individuals that are presented by the audio program) over daily and weekly episodes. If anything, do even more of this, which distinguishes you guys from the myriad of competing voices out there……..

    This audio only medium and format is particularly useful to intellectuals who are busy building in their resilient communities outside of the matrix: most of us are too active and creative to watch TV/youtube and service the audio-video demands of smarter phones.

  9. Humans are a twig of the fungi branch, genetically speaking. Parasitic, predatory, noxious, and, with Monsanto’s help, allelopathic. We also share many traits, figuratively speaking, with the virus.

  10. Humans are a parasite (at worst, or potentially a mutually beneficial symbiote, at best)… Our culture is the Virus… And our culture leads us towards the parasite direction at present…

    OK… I’ll shut up and listen to the show now.

  11. Can we be both a parasite and a virus? A parasitic virus? Lee, I have no idea how you have the time to do all this, but thanks for doing it. A lot of people here need to hear what you have to say.

  12. Are human’s a virus? Well I answer your question with another question: maybe there’s a reason big pharma has no interest in curing or stemming the spread of infectious disease? I mean its a roundabout way to do it but… the blood is already on their hands. Its just a matter of to what degree at this point.

    But I’ve always thought of humans as more of a parasite than as a virus. For one parasites are way more disgusting and lets face it when humanity goes wrong there are some pretty fucking disgusting people among us. (Most of them wear black robes, white collars and carry bibles but thats neither here nor there). But we wreck our enviornment with wild abandon. We poison and exploit everything possible. I mean I guess as a Cherokee I can say “At least we’re using every part of the buffalo?” But that just sounds assinine even to me.

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