How Our All-American System Rewards Sociopaths – Redacted Tonight

Competition rewards hard work and creativity. It’s brought about innovations in medicine, technology, and even breakfast cereals! But competition also rewards slander, extortion, and sabotage. Instead of innovating, some sociopaths focus on destroying their opponents. Just look at Thomas Edison. Redacted Tonight explains.

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    Communism is life based around communes and mutual communal ownership of everything like factories. It never works because it refuses to become abstract i.e. it’s afraid of having any form of capitalist ownership and degree of separation from physical ownership.

    Modern capitalism is TOO abstract i.e. corps like Apple can take $billions of US working capital (from Americans) and hide them in offshore accounts, directly contributing to stifled economic conditions.

    Communism in practice always created a parasitic few controlling a lot of the resources. It failed.

    A more practical idea is simply to keep a lot of the functionality of capitalism as we see it today, and shape it towards the good of the people (”people over profit”).

    This can be done through state ownership of the banks combined with other intelligent measures to stop tax evasion, hoarding insane amounts of wealth, and other exploits of modern economics characterized by greed and unfettered capitalism.

    Moreover, we can equalize education opportunities for every child by exactly these changes to modern capitalism. This gives a fair start in the sprint of life, but no equal outcomes because that’s fucking retarded.

    None of the small businesses or ownership concepts have to change. The key is the social values.

    A true free market is what we have today: politics can be bought and influenced by the highest bidder. Instead, we need a sane, rational form of government that promotes talent and merit, not who you know or how much money your parents had. Hence, meritocracy.

    The first step is getting rid of religion and feelings’ influence over politics. Science is threatened otherwise.

    The current political system can’t even do that – it’s now reliant on reeling people in emotionally while stabbing them in the back through austerity measures. The greedy 1% have to be removed from power to change this setup.

    Poverty is unacceptable if we want a bright future; so is unearned status and wealth. The solution is to make everyone earn their position of influence in the world (which can only be achieved by first redistributing wealthy fatcat money to provide top quality education for all).

    If you don’t agree with making life fair for all children, you can go fuck yourself. You are an enemy of reason.


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