Gov’t Secrets No. 24 – Insurrection & Past U.S. Coup Attempts

3 responses to “Gov’t Secrets No. 24 – Insurrection & Past U.S. Coup Attempts”

  1. I love this show and no disrespect intended , however Your show is either limited by your rulers or you aren’t diving deep enough. Your Government IS lying to you about covid and so are all governments. I’m sure you have both heard of the new world order . Sure there is seasonal flu, death and case numbers have been altered to attain pandemic status. 6 to 7 trillion dollars have been taken from the fed to give to the MIC, under the guise of a pandemic.the people still got next to nothing. Or am I alone 🤔 in my assessment

  2. Lee Camp says:

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  3. steve rogers says:

    lee lee lee, NO evidence? maybe suppressed in America like YOU are.

    OFC you will not find this story on any MSM report.

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