Fake Reasons Given To Create War With Iran! (Web Exclusive)

General Soleimani’s assassination had ulterior motives. It also proves how little the President and his neocon pals care about the lives of Americans or anyone except themselves, really.

  1. Lee Camp, it is my understanding that Donald Trump did know who Soleimani was. He and Trump were involved in a twitter war.

    Here is my source of this information:
    “The tweet that turned Soleimani into ‘public enemy number one,’ insulted Trump, and ultimately led to Soleimani’s assassination. Story starts at timestamp 39:20. Account of Twitter war begins at 47:25., potentially escalating into the tweet that was heard round the world.”

  2. Thanks Lee–

    And yesterday NPR announced a unanimous vote by European countries to support further sanctions against Iran thus promoting greater distress among the Iranians and impelling us into a war. the European oligarchs are aware of the hidden agenda and wish to continue the construction of the oil pipelines from the mid east to Europe that will bring them their much needed and anticipated oil which Haliburton is helping the military to construct.

    What is sardonically funny about all this is the fact that the old movie “Three Days of the Condor” predicted all of this decades ago.

  3. Thanks, again, Lee Camp! Continuing U.S. MISLEADERSHIP, rampant, is a predictable AND PREDICTED cascade-effect of allowing ONE MANIFESTLY STOLEN ELECTION (GOP-2000), …then allowing the subsequent ‘leader’ to ignore it (and to continue the ensuing war crimes), …then a SECOND CLEARLY STOLEN ELECTION (DNC-2016), and allowing the GOP to ‘claim a win’ of that ABORTED contest, putting them, each and all, IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY, to this hour. This accelerating CATARACT OF CORRUPTION AND WAR CRIMES is what they must be referring to as ‘trickle-down economics.’ Consent REVOKED.

  4. both parties are beholden to big bankster banks n corp! the zios have infiltrated washington..

  5. Thanks for your hard work to keep us informed (since our mainstream media is part of the war machine). We’ve been in the streets making our voices heard on this subject this week and plan on it in the future until peace prevails. Keep fighting!

  6. I disagree. Voting is not insignificant compared to street protests. We just need to elect someone who is intelligent enough to counter false flags.

    The last time I protested was against Bush1’s Desert Storm as a drummer in my revolutionary costume. Desert Storm still happened.
    Nary a street protest against Bush2’i Iraq unvasion after 911 or Obama’s Libya destruction or Syria for that matter.
    But street protests are in the cards now and should happen in conjunction with the impeachment and to ensure he is voted out of office

  7. Excellent, Lee & thank you for your defiance!*

    *”In this world, it is not faith that saves us, but defiance!”
    – Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

  8. I read yesterday that in Iran Usery is a crime. They don’t accept our banking system as it is built on usery. Suddenly Iran seems humane. And then a few minutes later I read that Iran is morally against Nuclear weapons and probably not making any of them. What is the truth? Anyone?

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