Medical Community ADMITS Antidepressants Are Nonsense!

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  1. Psychiatrists and psychologists are still all unable/unwilling to address or acknowledge the external root causes of so-called “depression” – and are programmed only to see depression as an illness which like all illnesses needs to be treated with pharmaceuticals – not cured by addressing and finding solutions to all of the external factors that induce deep depression – which includes chronic despair at the appalling state of our frukked-up world and the feeling of intense isolation and rage that comes from the knowledge that most people that we are surrounded by in our daily lives are geopolitically clueless and too morally bankrupt and egocentric to give a damn about major global issues and events. But affluent, geopolitically unengaged establishment types – including conforming group-think psychiatrists – are incapable of believing that anyone can possibly be morbidly depressed by such external factors. I mean – who really cares that much about the state of the world/the planet when you’ve got your beautiful house, your big lush car, your big fat salaries, your inherited wealth, your 2.4 kids and your delightful dinner-party chatterati lifestyles?
    Or to paraphrase Marie Antoinette: if the desperate, depressed masses can’t get bread – let them eat cake – or swallow expensive prescription anti-depressants.
    PS. why not generously and regularly ship a few mega-tonnes of anti-depressants to the un-dead people of Gaza? And to Julian Assange. And to the world’s homeless and destitute? And give ’em plenty of feel-good chocolate cake too of course. Problem solved.
    Paul G

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