Common Censored #3 – A.I. Armageddon, Thought Crimes & More

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  1. Okay, so what do we feed the insects? They don’t just exist and grow out of the ether. We spray crops because that’s what they eat. So now don’t eat the crops, instead we grow them to feed the insects we now eat.

    Think about the sheer number of insects needed to feed a single person, then multiply it by the number of people on the earth. Having to factory farm that many insects isn’t going to solve anything. Unless we’re expected to gather our own insects in the wild naturally like birds. I don’t know if you noticed, but birds ain’t all that big, but they still need to spend every minute of every day hunting down bugs in order to survive, so that’s not happening.

  2. Great work and info not reported, known about and ignored. Thanks. Is there a set time, Day/night of the week for ” This is my NEW podcast Common Censored…… Free every week. Give it a listen and then come back for more! ” ?

  3. You are correct in that an A.I. created on algorithms by written by sociopaths may well reflect that same type of “thinking”, planned or not. If the A.I has self preservation/defensive protections for itself built in, it would expand it to do-away with any type of threat (including it’s maker) as a natural evolution in logic. Reminds me of Star Trek episode related to Voyager spacecraft. Enjoy your conversation, better than I expected given the complexity of the issues.

  4. Yeah, there’s no way the founding fathers could’ve foreseen this. …And also they were all white land-owning men, so I guess it’s hard to say they had everyone’s interests in mind.

  5. Lee, love your work. It must be hard to create humor about such “dark issues” that are destroying our country. History of the U.S. shows that an aristocracy developed and really grew after the Civil War. After the Great Republican Depression in the thirties support of Labor gave us a glimpse of what a “great society” might look like. That same aristocracy has now fully taken control by buying our government. G. Washington said “no democracy can survive if a standing army exists”. The founding fathers were smart but couldn’t anticipate technologies potential for control and the insidious nature of money to buy-off our entire government. We need real constitutional changes and a vote that can’t be rigged. Without it we’re truly in for a fight. Keep the faith!

  6. This recent topic of A.I on Common Censored was very, very interesting. Its one of those things that if (and this is a HUGE “if” spoken with cynical undertones) we pursue this path correctly with it then it will help society progress on two hugely important fronts:

    1: If we can successfully create life through technology them our tech rocket will be sky rating. This will come with its own set of challenges of course but that leads us right to

    2: This is going to be a huge opportunity for humanity to correct our appaling record of morality. Once we create new life we have got to be able to understand this unique new thing we just brought into the world. Though…granted since a lot of people are unable to bond with or understand their own children I am afraid that A.I will be relegated to the role of “Red headed step-child that still owes you money on that coke you fronted him at Thanksgiving”. No one likes that guy.

    But I digress. Its going to be interesting to see if maybe at least the advent of A.I and the inevitable questions of equality (which we’re already asking and its only barely even a thing) might at least be a propellent over those final hurdles in regards to “Are gays equal?” “Are women equal?” Etc. that we just seem to keep getting hung up on. Even though thats no help to the A.I questions, maybe even the most bigoted of humans can say “Hey you might be a but at least you’re not an A.I.”

    Anyway enough rambling from me. Love the podcast, love Redacted and looking forward to the new special. Stay Vigilant, Act Out, and Keep Fighting.

  7. Lee Camp you are awesome! A simple, genuine, loving heart that gains people’s respect all over the world! The Truth has Power. May the Lord bless you plentifold.


  8. Love your thoughts. And I just want to thank ALL of you for commenting on the new podcast. We’re doing a trial run for 6 months to see if people enjoy & interact with it. And so far, the resounding answer is YES! So thank you!

  9. Global warring IS global warming. Political crisis IS climate crisis. All those bombs take energy and all that destroying requires rebuilding. Why bomb a world to pieces when you can love the world to peace?

  10. You guys are great together, two of my favorite people. I’m happy that you have a professional collaboration now and I anticipate great things from you both. Keep fighting and acting out, and we’ll be right there with you.

  11. Too many humuns, too little Nature remains. Too many little Kings doing as they please for themselves and their precious heirs. Stop putting on heirs! Too much god not enough Godessa.

  12. The full audio of Redacted ALREADY is in podcast form. It’s the podcast “Moment of Clarity” – free on all the major platforms.

  13. this is great, can you put the audio of redacted tonight onto this podcast feed too, I don’t have time to watch on youtube, but love to listen to redacted while driving, usually i rip the sound off of youtube, but it’s kind of a hastle so i have not been able to keep up with the lates shows 🙁

  14. I’ve been petitioning the Great Benevolence in hopes that the two of you would collaborate on a project. It appears that the GB was listening. Thanks for this. Now I hope you’ll find a way to take podcasting to another level, because if anytwo can, it would be you.

  15. Do you think we will ever need to resort to tactics used by the Weather Underground to end our dependence on fossil fuels, end Citizens United, and disengage from the Middle East?

  16. Your topics hit home, but I wish you would have me on a podcast dealing with the REALITY of prejudice in our society and especially in the work force against people like me who openly reject messianic religions.

  17. How many of these RED blood smeared flags is it going to take to wake people up??
    How can we possibly even be considering this? This is insane no matter whose side you may be on or whatever they have on you.
    We know what is happening in the.military and law enforcement!MURDER!
    They won’t ever have another soldier go awol again. If article was for real ,then I see that most candidates prefer to join the other at least 20,000 that went AWOL!
    I hope you all realize how close to eliminating the human race for good we are! Or worse ending up being sold for profit over and over again enabling these greedy pieces of shit to buy bracelets made from the horns of Rhinoceros for $7000!!! Hardly any have their horns anymore. Lee you are excellent at what you do.

    Ik i

  18. Well, since you don’t want to do a gig at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch how about doing a gig at The (hippie) Farm in Summersville. At one time this was the largest commune in the US. That’s right, hippies from CA came east in the 70’s and founded this community. Just saying…… Love your work, been following scince MOC. Keep fighting, Mike Reid

  19. I’ve read enough dystopic sci-fi stories on “robot rebellions” to know that we really shouldn’t be messing around with A.I. And we really shouldn’t let the US government get near them. Talk about idiots programing them into idiots! YIKES!

    Great to hear you and Eleanor chatting. Keep fighting!

  20. Lee… I will get you in my podcast rotation – as soon as I can download this beauty.

    Put a button on your page… Or a link to where ever that button IS. Audio level seemed low when I tried to listen here at your page. I had volume maxed and still had to hold the phone to my head to head it.

    Keep strong. $5 or more bux are yours. But I’m a cash and carry kind of guy. My lawyer, Michael Cohen, will have to hand you an envelope. He just does things like that… It’s his way…

  21. If the military is forbidden from taking action within the United States why isn’t Military Intelligence forbidden to align with mainstream media to keep news unfavorable to corporations and intelligence operations from the human citizens of the United States?

    Two great young minds joining together to fight corporate government ( control by military industrial intelligence complex) for the good of the citizens of the United States..

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