Common Censored #7 – The Lesser of Two Evils Debate & Rationalizing Oppression

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  1. So as regards the Lesser of two Evils TRAP (that’s what it is – when Sheldon Adelson is buying BOTH Candidates in a race, or the parties BOTH recruit CIA folks to run against one another, etc.)… One way to look at things is through a Trotskyist lens (you might as well at this point, or just abandon ALL hope). By that I mean that you feed an unsustainable, unconscionable system as MUCH gas as it will take – knowing that it will eventually fly-apart on its own.

    When Democrats take power… ‘the left’ generally goes to sleep for 8 years. While the hardcore activists like ourselves tend to never stop fighting… It can get lonely at the protests – when the Democrats are doing the Bombing. Case in point – Kosovo. With just one school shooting, and a stained dress – Bill Clinton got away with further Balkanizing the former Yugoslavia, and supporting the KLA(Al Qaeda – if you found them anyplace else). The Trepka Mining Complex was turned over to the Int’l Crisis Group… Because, you know… Lead is toxic. So we put Depleted Uranium all over the landscape… For “humanitarian” or environmental reasons. Under Obama we overthrew Ukraine – to a chorus of cheers from MSNBC. We allowed a Fascist Coup in Honduras (which gave the Xenophobes and Trump a bunch of refugees to hate-on). We did Libya and ALMOST did Syria. The Genocide in Yemen began with nary a peep, from anyone.

    So for activists Trump should be a helpful tool for organizing efforts – assuming we can break the stranglehold of “RUSSIA-GATE”, upon the newscycle.

    Sure, the GOP has been busy defunding Planned Parenthood. But what is more likely to activate lower income women voters – than losing the place that they went to for pap smears and birth control?

    The trick is to properly lay the blame for this on the 2-party duopoly. Otherwise it will just get us a Congress filled with a new generation of CIA DEMOCRATS – without even the plausible deniability, of say a Jane Harman or a Nancy Pelosi.

    Keep fighting. Stay Strong.

    Also – if you did send out an email blast for this – I never got it – from tha ‘Borg (gmail).

    You might want to put a link on the bottom of for Common Censored, like you do for Moment of Clarity. It took some thought, for me, to look under “News and Writing”.

    Loved the show in LA. I hope it gets a broad airing.

  2. Talk about prison abolitionists. What’s the thinking out there? What’s the most extreme position you’ve heard advocated, and where do you two place yourselves on a spectrum?
    Also, regarding process: I like hearing you two talk. I don’t like it when you stop to explain. Nobody likes that. We can keep up, or not. It’s only fun if you’re sharing your best thoughts.

  3. When it comes down to it “the lesser of two evils” is still evil. And who the fuck wants to co-sign ANY level of evil? Short of a sociopath or psychopath maybe. And who in their right mind will willingly vote against their own interests? Well… we all know the answer to that: extremely stupid people who do not know any better. A rural Missouri conservative will vote for anyone that promotes gun rights and invokes the name of “sweet baby Jesus” three hundred times in a three minute statement/speech. The same people who will systematically make it impossible for a poor rural family to get any level of social aid, education, or healthcare (not just insurance I mean literal physical places to recieve any kind of healthcare including of the emergency life saving variety). Hell even the people who live in the larger Missouri cities can be every bit as ignorant, bigoted and closed minded as the hill folk. The pure evil that is religion can never be understated. Its a huge driving force in oppressing things like social progress, education oh and religion LOVES killing people. Like a lot. Its really counter productive to the whole advancing as a species thing. More artists and intellectuals have been murdered in the name of this magic man or that person’s imaginary friend in the clouds than literally any other cause in history. Which is sad because I can understand the whole life or death I need to kill to survive scenario. But killing in the name of god (or Satan for that matter) is just… its really just killing for the sake of killing.

    Rationalizing. Whew now this one made me do some self reflection. I don’t really rationalize 45 or any of his bullshit (literally everything this administration does makes me feel like their stupidity is causing me to have an aneursym). I seem to more rationalize how things were back in the Obama days. Looking back now I’m kind of horrified by all the things I just kind of didn’t pay attention to. However, instead of lamenting the past I am merely going to stay more vigiliant in the future and try not to let myself be lulled into such apathy again.

  4. My way of promoting 3rd parties is to wear one of my green party shirts to the store or walking around the park. Occasionally people want to talk to me about the party, but I know that hundreds more see the walking billboard and it lodges somewhere deep in their minds.
    Another great show!

    which is the lesser of two evils, Fox News or MSNBC?

    Keep fighting and acting out!

  5. I’m loving these podcasts for just the reasons you both stated….
    Please keep making them!

  6. It seems to me that a subtle but important distinction needs to be made between rationalization and cognitive dissonance, and that the latter may have even more insidious implications for our very survival:

  7. I like it weird [don’t eat underwear

    Who doesn’t need to step it up:
    (E.g.,Trump may be ready and willing to work on a deal with Iran or Korea – but he’s unable – he reneges on his deals.
    He’s what the North East West & South call a reneger?
    Plus he’s a descendant of mitochondrial eve – an African?)

    Okay additional contemporaneous commentary..;

    You do be rushing it Lee -lol (haven’t you heard The Pointer Sisters suggestion on this


    …black people? ??

    .. I was wondering about the rationalization the kapos in the camps or the house negroes of the plantation or more modern day the soldiers and politicians of Israel callus Defense Force rationalized and rationalize there’s supremacist ideology and they’re Luciferian approach to peace..

    … true so how do we stop rationalizing white skin white race black skin black race nonsense in our speech? How do we do it? We kind of think it’s not that bad.. sometimes I stop myself from saying White and I say light skin brother.. but that’s not totally descriptive and ethnicity is a tricky one because you don’t want to get into insulting people by mentioning that not one pure ethnicity sometimes I think European American or eurAsian-American..
    I like POC for everybody.. but I suppose ethnicity or cultural values are at the heart of the differences..
    But shouldn’t American be an ethnicity by now? But even so we’re not a monolith and there’s the whole real American unamerican thing.. how do we segregate ourselves in a healthy competitive or better yet cooperative way?..

    .. no no let’s talk about it

    .. we’re definitely the same mind toward Act Out – the great hosts and this fan -but If I Were a Rich Man
    I would donate many dollardoos
    If I were a wealthy man..
    I would film common censored
    I would are them as commercials on mainstream TV all day long
    Loop some segments and show them in Times Square on the teleprompter Plus have marching bands if I were a Rich Man..

    .. the lesser of two evils has been hot since conception.. I think constantly under various circumstances..
    Or at least it’s been a constant in I guess I have to say my community

    .. it’s not just you Lee – Eleanor since when has horror rhymed with before..

    .. you got to get a system where you can continue taping or broadcasting live or whatever on system but you can also play back a bit the moment you lose a train of thought..
    Maybe just a running tape recorder with a counter so you don’t go back too far..
    ( or confirm the interruption count..[❤the listening respect dynamic – great example model..] [very positive inspiring and reassuring for some reason])
    Okay I’m listening back for like the third time.. and at first I thought Lee filibuster what’s about Eleanor Holmes Norton LOL but just for a second then I realized LOL

    I’m trying to see if I can pick up Miss goldfields train of thought before I listen on.. but we’ll see what happens?

    ..Lesser of two evils topic/ do you want to drive off the cliff going 70 or 50 – Blue Wave [lesser of two evils], when Democrats were in control [lesser of two evils] children were frolicking in fields that were no longer covered in toxic sludge? – [art thought epiphany]

    Seems like Eleanor was trying to stay on lesser of two evils topic related to democratic choice? If so maybe she would have led into general election lesser of two evils Choice scenario?..
    Okay now I can listen on..
    [still good but you might owe some reverse privilege time every other episode Lee LOL]

    ( side note something about TLC song and joining the Patty wagon and also Gaston from Beauty and the Beast arranging a Patty wagon for the father of the female main character.. wow that’s not an aside..)

    ..Okay now I can listen on..
    But I first wanted to say thank you Eleanor for being so patient with us and by us I mean.. men? LOL I don’t mean lol I mean it is serious but anyway alright sorry..

    .. okay so the we can do better then a lesser of two evils argument for example over DACA or rather immigration.. it shouldn’t be a choice between DACA and deportation but rather there should be some choice for inclusion and ending of racist immigration policy..
    – that’s where my thoughts were going on Eleanor’s and Lee Adventure into 2018 lesser of two evils topic..

    … on top of that I agree with you?
    Snickers lol
    Oh and right before the rant!

    That’s right you better shamelessly promote yourself and hopefully give ground come on now..

    Oh my God come on now Lee..

    Man now it is like my dad and my conversation..

    And systemic sexism LOL he he he he snicker


    .. good on a spectrum..

    .. I like that movie Black Panther..
    I’ve never called the cops on the black person LOL LOL I never heard that before.
    Now I never call the cops LOL now that’s well I kind of figured asking a police officer my location or the location in a new town but he directed me graciously and humanely LOL..
    A child of This Racist system
    A Child In This Racist system?
    Overt racism guttural response


    Oppa babatunde obba babatunde

    Anyway there was this actor from Dreamgirls who could probably get in the door with his name on a resume.. oh the exception that proves the rule…
    Deep in their brain Shaniqua LOL….

    Oh god what’s going on


    A Pol Pot quote..


    .. you’re saying you would have shot him? LOL of course not really sorry

    They’re not trained to deal with mental illness issues?

    And there’s no language to tell them they’re basically Light Beige pink or otherwise not white Africans descendants of mitochondrial eve once they trace their history back further than they want to..
    Sigh. .
    Talking about it could come out like the Steve Bannon just accept it embrace it..

    Deal with it address it talk about it

    ..2 Kanye West..
    I think you go in that well too often..
    Oye..[me hehe..❤

    You just got to make a joke it just happens..

    “[Sorry,] sometimes I gotta, I gotta just make a joke and it just happens[and it ruins the moment]”

    Keep Act Out alive!

    Act Out

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