Common Censored #79 – Tulsi Thrashes Hillary, Fake Syrian Footage, Alternative to Police

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  1. Lee; you should definitely be Wolfman Jack for Halloween; I can’t believe you didn’t already decide that; duh!

  2. Love you Lee.

    BUT— Bernie endorsed Hillary because he was required to do so, under the rules of the DNC.
    If he did not, he could not have come back to run again under the Democratic Party.

    And now Bernie is back and running again.
    Bernie is running as a Democrat because under the existing corrupt system, running as a Democrat or Republican is the only realistic way to WIN.

    So let’s get Bernie elected, if we can, and change that. And if Bernie does become President, that is the Best Thing that could happen for a 3rd Parties!

  3. Tulsi saw the inside of the MIC, and she still serves as a major…. I’d like to know how she plans to break that seeming or apparent conflict of interest? I understand the ideological thought that you can change it from the inside. And you can’t change it from the inside without the help of people also working to change it from the outside.

    She IS a threat to the status quo. But she is truly a curiosity, too. Wasn’t she the vice-chair of the DNC under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Wouldn’t that imply she might have a much better view of the intricate inner workings that orchestrated against Bernie in 2016? If that’s so, shouldn’t she be speaking out more about all of that? Doesn’t she know their playbook, then?

    I am glad Tulsi has ramped it up in the last few days, but I want her to keep it ramped up. Keep the intensity and momentum building.

  4. Red Russia, Red Russia, let Tulsi come over! And yes, that is a red rover reference. And yes, I am into alliteration. As opposed to illiteration.

  5. I love this podcast!! one little nerdy observation, the military does indeed use tracer rounds in night time combat. That footage wasn’t that farfetched visually, and par for the course morally..

  6. Yes, Lee Camp definitely looks like Edgar Allen Poe or the plan B would be Stanley Kurbrick (boring, boring), okay how about the russian asset, yes he should go as Shelley Winters.

  7. Hillary is more likely a CIA asset, practicing Alice In Wonderland protocols with her word salads to keep her boy, Trump in office… you know, maybe. Smiles.

  8. Clinton’s blatantly attempting to discredit third parties, implying that they’re a « Russian plot ». This is an important talking point for the Democrats who are afraid of a strong third party or Independent run, because their share of the vote is already low. They’re desperate to keep their « party loyalty » intact. It’s infuriating, because how stupid does she think we are?

  9. In 2012, Jill Stein was arrested for “disorderly conduct” for protesting the fact that she was excluded from the second presidential debate. They literally locked her up to keep her from participating in the debates. That’s how afraid TPTB were of her. She wanted to cut the military by 50% and put those funds towards social programs like free college tuition and renewable energy. Most Americans would agree that those are good ideas. Tulsi Gabbard has similar ideas, which is why they are trying to destroy her.

  10. I have already gotten 3 emails asking me if I would vote for Hillary. I say no and then reply to them that they are incredibly stupid or insane

  11. Hey Lee. Here is where this American stands on a couple of issues

    1) Tulsi as a 3rd party agent?… would take votes from Trump. Me being one of them. So, that is why Clinton is doing this. She is actually trying to help her party.

    2) I want less taxes..ALL TAXES..Federal / State / Sales / Fuel / Property…etc…etc…etc. The Government is the most inefficient “company” and is too large.

  12. Go Tulsi. The lame stream media is crowing about the Hillary email investigation finally closing down, but it was not the emails that defeated Hillary. It was Hillary being so full of herself that she told the liberal/real Progressive base of the Democratic party she did not need their votes to win. No Democratic Candidate has ever won with out the support of those two groups. I think she was told by the Banksters at the exorbitant “speaking fee” speeches she gave to Wall St and healthcare CEOs that the fix was in for her win. Hillary and Bill are not and never have been progressives no matter what terms they include to obfuscate that fact. They are Conservative “blue-dog” Democrats who had always voted with the GOP on the major laws that true Democrats wanted to see defeated. In the early 1980s a group of those blue-dog Democrats approached Corporate America for start-up funds to create a Democratic entity that would shun workers needs and disavow any ties with America’s unions. Corporate America was willing to help due to those DINOs voting with the GOP in the past. The Koch Family eagerly donated $100,000 and gave the group advice, when they finally formed their entity, to adopt all Reagan’s neoliberal policies. The DLC formed in February 1985 and adopted all Reagan’s neoliberal policies for their “third-way politics. The GOP had always curried favor of corporate America, doing their anti-American agenda to get the “kick-backs, a.k.a. bribes” from the 1% when they gave the monetary favors either from the taxes we all paid in or re-levying the 1%’s share of America’s expenses onto the middle class. The Conservative “blue-dog” Democrats never got those bribes for their votes and they were willing to expediate America’s financial ruin to get them. In February 1985 those GOP-lite formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) whose main goal was to rid the Democratic Party of its Liberal/real Progressive bases so they could wrest control of the DNC and jettison the Democratic roots of standing for American workers and their unions and representing all American’s who could not afford to by their politicians to do the work of the people. So from 1992 to today all administrations have been “Reagan neoliberals” Both giving Corporate America whatever it wanted. The “Reagan neoliberals did not adopt the GOP tax cuts for the 1% but the Clinton and Obama administrations had no problem “carrying-over” those tax cuts, tax credits and subsidies from year to year just to enrich themselves. Tax credits and subsidies for shipping whole manufacturing facilities off-shore what could go wrong. So much more to this story of greed and hubris that goes back in feudal times in Europe but you will have to wait for my book, that I have researched for more than 18 years. I shuddered when Rachel crowed about the email-investigation being over because if we do not change the pattern of electing the corporatists in both parties we may as well leave Trump in power to get America’s demise over sooner than later…. Steve

  13. You may get to this eventually but I have to stop listening. I think the goal of trashing Tulsi as a russian asset is so if/when she eventually drops out she will most likely give her endorsement to Bernie they can cast the russia net around sanders too.

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