Common Censored 27 – Beating Kavanaugh Depression, Small Victories, Getting To Zero Waste

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  1. Great show guys! I will keep fighting and acting out despite our very messed up government. Thank you for your perspective on last week’s Supreme Court/Senate debacle. I have somewhat less despair knowing that things will be no more fucked up than they’ve been for the past 20 or 30 years worth of Supreme Court decisions. I wonder if a disbarred judge can remain on the Supreme Court? Come on ABA!

  2. Hello Lee and Eleanor,

    I am a $15 Patreon, and you actually spoke my name on the last episode. On September 18th, I sent you an email to your ProtonMail account from the same email account I provided on this form.

    I hope you have time to read it and reply because it could result in material savings for you and all creators.

    I would also like to briefly discuss a point Eleanor brought up and was discussed during this episode (#27) – changing people’s minds via art such as film.

    Thank you for your time.
    -mark kiester

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