Common Censored 22 – Abolishing Prison, SickCare, Me Too, & Getting Over It

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  1. re: “The whole U.S. medical system, from Big Pharma to the physician offices to the labs, is PREDATORY” (yes, and the rare do-gooder in the toxic rot called generally “health care” system is used by the cancerous extreme resource and money hungry massive mess to “justify” so much ill it does, and everyone in that thinks they are the “do-gooder” being used).
    This extreme resource demanding monster like our in-effect military offense apparatus and other costly and undemocratic gov institutions are draining the world of life, ecology will be calling in its loans.

  2. Pretty sure Alexandria’s platform on war was down temporarily because whoever was running her website was in the process of drafting a more comprehensive version of it. Niko House even praised it on one of his podcasts as the best anti-war platform since Henry Wallace after it was put back up. As far as the McCain tweet, I just chalk that up to being the better person at a time when the grieving party was publicly critical of her, regardless of how pretentious it might’ve seemed.

  3. Re: SickCare. The industry has gotten so greedy & corrupt that even ‘preventative’ aka ‘routine/annual’ visits are not immune anymore. Recently my friend went to his & was suggested an EKG. We told them ‘only’ if it was included as part of the ‘preventative’ visit bc we know the industry’s ploy by now. The dr. assured us it was & that she had never had a px charged add’l for it before. Low & behold, his $0 copay visit turned into an EKG charge. This was in Feb., he disputed it asap, they passed the buck btwn blaming the ins. co. & the dr. (as typical), kept sending bills for it for SIX mths, then after him standing his ground: the ins. co. finally assured him it would be waived due to the dr’s negligence. I’m sure he’ll get at least another bill for it tho’ just so they can give it 1 last shot to nickel & dime the citizen. Then my own preventative visit a mth later turned out the SAME. However, instead of an EKG, I was repeatedly assured the routine/annual lab/BLOODWORK was included in the preventative visit (ya think?), yet I am STILL receiving bills from 2 different labs totaling over $500 for it! Needless to say, I handed the dr’s office their ass on a silver platter via phone several times since then (while the avaricious labs repeatedly sent the bills as well for FIVE mths, yeah the labs are in on this scam too) & have been assured the dr’s office will waive it with the pretext that 1 of the tests on the bloodwork (Vit. D testing) was “not routine anymore” according to my ins. plan. Is that now our job to keep up w/the whims of ins. companies when it should be the dr’s office’s job & do we now have to ITEMIZE our services & check w/our plan prior to each visit to see what they cover/don’t from DAY TO DAY?! The whole U.S. medical system, from Big Pharma to the physician offices to the labs, is PREDATORY. Lee & Eleanor, you’re welcome to use this story too if it’ll help even 1 person, pls.

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