Interview with THE YES MEN live at Occupy Wall Street protest – MOC podcast #79

  1. I would love to help you on your website, but I’m working on another website as a volunteer, and I think I shouldn’t do more then one volunteer project at a time. I’ll be checking back here to see if another designer picks it up. Rather curious.

  2. Weird. Just checked it out. Seems to be fine. Try again tomorrow or something. And I love that you’re using your unemployment check. That’s fucking poetry!

  3. Okay, I’m back and trying to buy your album through Amazon.
    Tells me I can’t do it.
    wtf, I want to spend our unemployment check, ya know?
    This is going to cost Amnesty International a down grade, just saying. There’s only so many serf dollars to spread around.
    ACLU is not yet on the list of cut-offs.

  4. Jack Boots and Batons

    In jack boots and wielding batons
    They come a hundred strong
    Their march echoing the throng
    With fierce voice chanting the song:

    `Back off – get to where you belong’

    Their aim – to intimidate
    Their strength – how governments legislate
    Their goal – to disseminate
    Those who protest and congregate

    Black clouds of dust block the light
    To keep peering eyes and cameras from sight
    To witness those who attempt to fight
    For what they know is their right

    The strong arm that intimidates
    Being their best tactic of late
    Is fuel to the rebellion to seal their fate
    Turning a dictatorship into a freedom state

  5. I am so proud to have met your acquaintance, Lee Camp. Just happened today scanning
    One of my favorite youngbloods won a ticket to have dinner with the Yes Men last year. I was so proud to be the neighbor Mom who took him with us on a 70 mile drive to fucking greet George Bush on his fundraising stop in Washington state.
    You guys rock!!
    Brave and brilliant.
    I bow down. 🙂

  6. Thank you Lee Camp for spreading the word about Occupy Wall Street! Heard you on the Stephanie Miller Show recently – love you!

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