Common Censored #25 – Kavanaugh, Deep State, Down With GDP

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  1. Like wow man, aren’t you stoked, soon we may have Justice WEENEE WAGGER Kavanaugh. Do you think he will cut a hole in the front of his robes so he can wag it around at work. Maybe some of his female coworkers will chase him around with garden shears. You know Democrats (Soros) will put up any amount of money to get tongues wagging about Rameriz junk in my face story. So far there at least twenty names worth talking to and with the application of money that list will only grow. Good show, keep them coming.

  2. Hey Seth, not sure what you’re talking about, but judging by the anger and sentence fragments, I assume you’re a few drinks in. More power to ya. Hope you get things figured out for yourself.

  3. And the. You delete my comment, censored on common uncensored! Another hero goes down, hope you wake up someday lee, or if your getting paid off I hope you know payback will come , better to be honest and stop making absurd excuses for you trump derangement syndrome. I used to love you but can’t bear to listen now, just want you to know how much I miss your reasoned analysis, but now your just on the tds bandwagon 🙁

  4. No criticism – only love. Love is free. I got around the rent dilemma… But Eleanore wouldn’t enjoy living as I do… In a van…down by the river. Actually I live by the coast… Whichever part of it seems most likely to have decent surf, at any given point. And of course there are series blatantly Unconstitutional statutes and codes to flaunt – so it can lead to undesired contact with Code Enforcers… But with ski in the game – one lacks “standing” to change things properly… So there are hidden benefits – even to the costs.

    Anyways don’t follow MY career path. There’s no dental plan. So I’m glad that you’ve found a balance between serving the greater good – and having a decent life.

    National PENTAGON Radio… Was created to destroy Pacifica Radio… Though it seems that was never going to be enough… So they sent in the B-Team. And now those in power there – are busily preventing success. Here in LA we’ve reached our MINSKY MOMENT… meaning that the audience has either been driven-away, or they’ve wised-up and left on their own.

  5. Lee, Eleanor,

    Howdy from flyover Merica! Just finished Common Censored #25. Thank you, once again, for putting forward the Limits to Growth predicament in this episode.

    You and Eleanor did a good job in getting the idea across although I will always put my two or three cents in when it comes to this topic. I’ve been studying Limits to Growth since High School (70’s). I ended up dropping out to go live on a hippy back to the land mountain in the Ozarks when the Gulf Oil Embargo(s) of the ’70’s woke me up!

    The most common fallacy that “green” or “alternative” energy could power the world. This is simply no accurate if modern industrial society, that is killing us, is a measure of what could be powered.

    All the reports that say as much are really talking about electricity not “energy” as a whole. Electricity is a small percentage of total energy used to run the modern industrial world I’m afraid. This means that the Bright Green dreams are no so bright.

    While it is a noble endeavor to get as much alternative energy produced and installed as soon as possible we are not going to keep the modern industrial world moving in any direction other than down when fossil carbon really starts to wane in availability.

    Derrick Jensen Deep Green Resistance “Power vs Energy”

    My litmus test for any alternative energy source is can it reproduce itself? Can the energy produced by a wind turbine or solar panels or even a dam mine, transport, refine, smelt, mold all the steel and copper. The fiberglass used by the hundreds of tons in each wind turbines is an oil based plastic. And what about the concrete needed…? Ever read up on how concrete is made? The rare earth minerals in solar panels that are very energy intensive to extract…

    In all these from birth to death fossil fuels are critical. So the answer is no, alternative energy can not reproduce itself – and I hate that.

    Now I bet you thinking what a doomer this guy is – and yea, you would be right. I don’t hold out much hope for that electric car whisking me off to the Starbucks for an overpriced caffeine fix… It is possible that in X years some elite rich fuckers might be doing that but the masses will most defiantly will not. I am a supporter and owner of alternative energy. I have a 3.6kWh bimodal solar system that I saved for for years. I know exactly what solar electricity can and cannot do.

    I highly recommend reading “When Trucks Stop Running” by Alice J. Friedemann ( I this book Alice does the number crunching to prove what I’ve just outlined.

    Here are a couple interviews of her from when the book came out:

    James Howard Kunstler’s Podcast July 2016

    Peak Prosperity Podcast Aug 2016

    Also more Derrick Jensen Deep Green Resistance “Limits of the Planet”

    I’m not trying to discourage anyone. I just want to show what it real and what is bright green hype.

  6. Hey Dudes!

    Re the bit on Republicans and or the Dems not having policies, etc;
    Lots too many humans don’t realize, in my opinion, how much we have to go far-Deep-Greeeen from all accepted western and other “policies”, from here into the future.

    I reckon, after 40-something years a “Green” – and your next segue hits spot-on this – we can’t keep anything near the levels etc of consumption (29min mark in your chat).

    “Whole new paradigm”.

    “Luddites!” Yaaay! “Amish”? Near-to!

    The planet’s ecology is the prime part to ensure preservation and reparation of!

    “All laws are subservient to Environmental law!”

    ALL laws! Thus, 99.999% of how we do it – “Life” – now, has to be maximally reviewed.


    99.9% of it – our being “engineered” is – BY ADVERTISING AND MARKETING BIG CORP CRAPITALISM!

    As Russell Brand said, “If a product has an advertisement, you don’t need it!”

    “Technology”? Even all factors of mining resources, freighting, research, development, refining, storing, wholesaling and retailing stuff, NOT TO MENTION advertising and muckiting, may not be tenable ecologically, on a long term sustainability scale.

    At least unless we put some 70% (my rad’ guesstimate!) (y’unnerstand?) of all human effort into regrowth of forests etc for the FULL natural ecological systems, critical for the whole biosphere’s chemical balances to be stable.

    So? It might well be…, that for anything near our populations to sustain, we would, or do, have to live like Ferals-in-Forests, or similaaaar.

    Long and short of “it”, being whether we can have, or do need much or any of modern hi-tech and other modern inventions and equipment – nuclear family housing modeling, for example – the current and expected populations, can’t sustain themselves, and all the upkeep of the shit we – allegedly – “need”.

    Autos, another doubtful phenomenon. and on and on we might well have to review if we’re Sirius about that thing called “the future”?

    NOT ONLY thaaat! (as bitched on about) We ALL have to commit to maximum regrowth of natural ecosystems, which is why I went ballistic recently about “REFOREST ALL FARMLAND” down to insects and the critters which nourish and sustain the microbiota, which forests, and Wombats (I like Wombats!) et al, Et Al, need for perpetual sustenance.

    A big big very big idea, of reforesting all farmland, sure.

    How all humans think and do “farming”, the same, as lots of the basics of farm land use, is still in the BCE era. “Monocropping? WTF? deforesting for cattle? WTWTFF?

    We all really are behind the play, in this regard.

    That brings up the most important handicap of “FOR-PROFIT” in food production.

    That, drives how we abuse and misuse the land, how we’re being forced – by property speculators of recent centuries, – to keep the planet-killing land-distribution inefficiencies (not only in agriculture, of course), and in that especially, we are not doing “it” very well at all.

    But, the removing of “for-profit” (crapitalism) from certain key sectors of food production, if not from all areas of food production, is how big a difference we all have to think, plan and restructure from now on.

    And…, OK! $15 this week!

    Great Shows-plural!



  7. Thank you, Eleanor and Lee, for continuing to spread knowledge and opening our eyes!


  8. I am a philosopher or a poet I’ve never gotten paid for my work ever it was published in books and even a audio cassette
    It’s worth I’m sorry. But life is just a game I play will I win I cannot say. That’s still a quick day by day. It could be rough it could get hard, as it builds up like a house of cards. If they were to fall I would I would not care. The cards would be scattered everywhere. But as if I”d care

    I don’t think I’m always this dark for instance
    Cute and cuddly bundles of love. you feel like a God as you’re standing above, your heart is filled with laughter an your eyes filled with tears, and with each second that passes you wish you could hold them near

    Here I’ll give you one that I’ve never actually committed to paper mostly cuz I can’t think of a title beyond that I’m agnostic so I don’t really care either way

    Gods a cruel ass bastard though I think it’s so. He left me here on earth with nowhere else to go I can’t go left I can’t go right I just can’t see through this dark ass night but even it suits me well I think gods a cruel ass bastard and I hope he goes to hell.

    I think I’ve eloped from a poet to a philosopher Food for thought
    I think I’m going to try some free association writing. Drugs that seems like a good place to start everyone’s got their favorite I guess there are a few thing we all have to come to understand in their own Me. I’ve seen many families, friends, relationships and even marriages torn apart by drugs not just one drug any and all drugs, Pharmaceutical, natural, or chemical. It’s not as if the drug did it. It’s the nature of the person when their on the drug, and the choices they make because of it. After all the drugs, only purpose is to let them escape, to fly away from all your problems. As if they’re not going to be there when they come down to earth. Although some people have reason to want to hide. The problem is then they spend most of their life running from one thing or another. Running from getting hurt most of all. You can die form a broken heart but it’s not likely don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I’m any better in fact I’m probably just as bad or worse some of the people I care about most in this world are trapped in cycles they can’t escape. Sometimes just being there for them doesn’t seem like enough but it’s all we can do. They have to want to better them selves for their self. You have to love your self before you can let anyone else love you to.  Nine times out of ten It was a loved one that caused them to run in the first place. Respect is a small word with a very big meaning. 
      I say I  could be worse because I know the fact and still fall victim, knowing the fact don’t put you above them.

    Just so you I wrote the first two at 10 years old
    Food For Thought wrote at 15 i gave up for exactly what you’re complaining about if you’re an artist and looking to cash in then you’re not truly an artist just purely for the thrill of changing people’s perceptions if there’s profiting what you’re saying then you had to bend the truth somewhere I have no problem shooting the shitt if you wish to correspond but I have little to no intention of continuing to listen to your political rants the comedy stylings of redacted reminiscent of the Late George Carlin it’s addicting so I’ll be watching judgmental as always sincerely Sean E Shafer I think I’ve taken up enough of your time later dude

  9. Gave it another chance if you spent half as much time denouncing Trump’s actions ask your do mocking Obama I might’ve actually continue to listen I tired of your pro Trump propaganda

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