Podcast #246 – Councilman Alex Lunn, questions about Boston Bombing, Oprah loses her mind, and more… [click here to play]

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  1. Pity Alex Lunn is not an American and a Democrat, I’d vote for him as Governor of Florida. He seems to love my state as much as I do. I am sure he would make mince meat of that bozo Rick Scott. Lee brilliant as always, hope you enjoy Edinburgh one of the best places I ever visited on my travels with the Navy. I recommend a visit to Stirling Castle though if you have time. It’s actually better than Edinburgh Castle. Draft Lunn Florida Democrats.

  2. Although, the story I read at the time did not mention that it was a $38,000 hand bag – which is another issue entirely, and I would argue an order of magnitude more appalling. Holy cow – the questions of not only who would buy that item for that price comes to mind but also – who would sell an item of that kind at that price? That is insane hubris of a massive scale.

  3. Indeed – Lee you are amazing as always – the angles on your commentary are astounding and brilliant. Similar to the sporting event streaking, there was a recent situation where a rodeo clown in Missouri put on an Obama mask and the announcer said “Who wants to see Obama get run over by a bull?” The reaction was loud, broad and persistent – the clown ended up losing his job and the NAACP got involved. And THAT isn’t racism. They all called it racism. Meanwhile, Oprah has her recent Zurich encounter, and there really isn’t too much of a stir about that, even though it is clearly – actual racism.

    And you do need a holiday – but I don’t want you to take one, because if you do I’ll have down time in my therapeutic comedy stream! If I had a magic wand with enough charges on it, I’d give you the vacation you deserve.

  4. I liked listening to the interview with Alex Lunn. If every American was as well informed about USA politics as Mr. Lunn, your (I’m Canadian) country wouldn’t have the nutjobs in office that you do. he was spot on about the governors of Florida and Wisconsin. I find them interchangeable, too.

    P.S. If you don’t choose this outtro song as the MOC theme song, you should use the, “Fuck! I had it, I had it I fuckin’ had it” part for something.

    P.P.S. Google Chrome suggested buckskin when its spell check feature highlighted fuckin’.

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