Common Censored 18 – Race As A Construct, MMT, Billions For War

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  1. As Krishnamurti said: “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”
    This is the reason why I am by many years over everything revolving racism and the plainly in-your-face obvious propaganda whose only intention is to divide and breed violence.

    It all boils down to idiots who think they’re smart and smart people who -due to being surrounded by a society based on a majority of idiots who think they’re smart and a media that very gladly patronizes the idiots like a father carrying his son which is beating up a crippled kid on a wheelchair while also giving his son hundreds of reasons why beating up a crippled kid on a wheelchair is respectful and positive for the world- have been convinced that they are dumb because they are not like the idiots who are applauding, enjoying the scene (of the crippled kid being beat up) or pretending like it’s not happening because they would have to bother getting off their asses to see reality directly through their window to the world (internet), instead of their brainwash tell lie vision machine to see it.

    All of it boils down to just that, and the smart people are those who are seeking to understand violence and are concerned with the total understanding of mankind.

    Lee: For being a smart person and exposing the idiocy and continuing to do what you do so gracefully while keeping our spirits high despite all the treachery that is happening in the world, I love you and hope you will live your life happily even though you’re a warrior and part of that is to sacrifice happiness every once in a while to help others learn see the right path. Thank you for being awesome I know many are waking up thanks to you and hope many more wake up as well. You have my highest respects

  2. Hi. I would love for you to interview some homeless people .. preferably in LA whwre it looks brutal. Also, try and get footage covering the length and breadth of the tent cities now in every city across the US. I know Orange County has miles of them (there is a YouTube Video) on a bike trail, and you can see them in Oakland from the Bart train. Also SOMA in SF has a lot. Here is an awesome video from a sleep deprived homeless guy
    It’s hard to know where to donate also as there is a lot of fraud going on. Maybe bet a couple charities for us listeners? I know that’s stopgap measure but the urgent need is now.

  3. Thanks for discussing this. Loved the shout out about the prison ripoff system. It is enraging we are not allowed to visit our family and are continuously milked for more money we don’t have.
    I can’t say I entirely understand the white guy convo that Eleanor had. Maybe clarify a bit later?
    I would like more conversation about Yemen and the total number of dead and devastation the fascists have wreaked if possible. It’s hard to boggle 18 million people in agony right now. I heard we have ground troops there. I wonder how traumatized they will be just by witnessing and enforcing such an unimaginable and horrific event.

  4. A Lee Camp impersonator? I’ve been there. There’s already one unfortunate fellow in California who I share a name with (and probably gets a lot of misdirected hate online that was intended for me). At least they had good intentions. My impersonator mistook me for a MAGA-head so that made it even more disturbing.
    I seem to recall about ten years ago the UN saying something along the lines of the word race can no longer be used as a cultural identifier. I don’t know if that went much further than the halls of the UN.
    At the same time as I was listening to Lee talk about MMT, I was over on Jimmy Dore’s Patreon page explaining to someone a little about MMT so that was kind of funny.

  5. Either we are all the same, or we celebrate diversity, I think diversity is the right answer.

  6. Lending creates money, and lower interest rates favor lazy loans, because if you have an asset already, you are a much safer bet for yet another loan. In other words, assets beget assets, and credit begets more credit, furthering inequality.

  7. We are all humans and should discern actions based on people’s character and behavior not their skin color. Being in favor of fair policies that help everyone like UBI would be a good start. Don’t have to worry about your identity getting in way of survival. Then capitalist system would have to compete for people willing to work for more than UBI. Economy could be fair place instead exploitation.

  8. Today is the one year anniversary of the horrendous Charlottesville clash between white supremacists and those who opposed them, and the murder of Heather Heyer. I know that you were very close to the murder and I’m sure that it has left a lasting impression on you both. Perhaps you can discuss the effect of that day on your lives and your outlook on street protests and actions. Also, the utter lack of official response and the fact that we are to have a similar action in DC this week shows that little has changed. I too have witnessed trauma and it has taken years to get over. If too personal and painful, I fully understand.
    Keep fighting and acting out!

  9. I really appreciate what you do Elanor, but when you were talking about feminism and identity politics you refereed to yourself being a person with a vagina, when what you meant is that you’re a woman, and that language can be really harmful for trans people! I have a vagina, and I’m not a woman.

  10. Regarding “race” as a construct, it seems to me that the most succinct logical perspective would be as follows: While “race” is a pseudo-scientific construct, racism is very real.

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