Common Censored #106 – The New Great Depression, The Big Steal & False Green Solutions

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  1. One point that was made in the movie”planet of the humans” is the psychology of left vs. right was suggested that left leaning ppl tend to fear death and reject a god while right leaning ppl tend to accept a god while not fearing death..This concept really made me stop and think………ALOT

  2. They canceled the primary in NY is this not the definition of dictatorship? Even if we can call the previously f@#ked up system democracy now the iron fist come out of the velvet glove.

  3. Let’s ensure everyone gets a liveable UBI and/or free education, free training and decent jobs for everyone, so that no-one has to choose to do sexual things for money.

  4. Right Lee, Vox is usually full of bullshit – that’s why I didn’t just take that one articles’ word here. Plus I’ve been following the science in remewables for years and spotted many inaccuracies in the film which the critiques point out.
    Another review which backs up the errors posted in the article by Leah Stokes:

    The films for action review concludes “They [renewables] are far less harmful and more sustainable than fossil fuels, and therefore we need to get to 100% renewables as fast as possible, but scaling up these energy sources to meet the energy demands of our current civilization will be impossible and highly damaging to the planet if we go on thinking the raw materials for these things are infinite.” I agree with that.

    Great show Lee

  5. I’m sure that article is worth checking out, but everyone should take note that Vox is a mainstream pro-war pro-Wall-Street propaganda outlet. They’ve proven it again and again. Just something to remember.

  6. The “documentary” planet of the humans, could easily have been produced by exxon oil. It’s filled with errors about clean energy and climate activism. Leah C. Stokes is an assistant professor at the University of California Santa Barbara- she wrote this critique of the film:

    “Michael Moore produced a film about climate change that’s a gift to Big Oil

    Planet of the Humans deceives viewers about clean energy and climate activists. …”

  7. Well your seeing the self destruction of free market capitalism. Once China sells all there US bonds all the US money value of the dollar will plumit.
    But Chinese currency or crypto currency is the future.
    China is floating their new cypto currency in two cities. I bought Bitcoin at $300. in 2013. Either way hang on to your butt’s when the dollar collapses.
    It’s going to a unbelievable roller coaster ride….
    China has limits as far as there investment in the US. It’s a co dependant relationship.
    But what will happen is what happened to Britain after Ww2 and the dollar replaced the Pound. It also changed when Nixon eliminated the gold standard, and backed the dollar with Oil.
    Hyper inflation like in Germany pre Ww2 is hard to survive.
    Just my thoughts.
    Good discussion..


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